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Picture: “Panorama aerial drone view row of single-family detached house in residential area with colorful autumn leaves. Straight down view of suburban subdivision near Dallas, Texas, USA”  Von trongnguyen  license from AdobeStock

Picture: “Modern house with solar panels on the gable roof” Von slavun license from AdobeStock

Picture: “Illuminated Parisian hotel sign taken at dusk” von Brian Jackson  license from AdobeStock

Picture: “Agricultural Silos – Building Exterior, Storage and drying of grains, wheat, corn, soy, sunflower against the blue sky with rice fields.” from funfunphoto license from AdobeStock

Picture: “Tomatoes washing on the conveyor line at the tomatoes paste factory” from stillkeeper

Picture: “Meat hooks hanging in a slaughterhouse.” from Sutipond Stock license from AdobeStock

Picture: “Zocalo Square and Mexico City Cathedral – Mexico City, Mexico” from diegograndi license from AdobeStock

Picture credit:

  • Refugee Camp by hikrcn / stock.adobe: 27023656
  • Military Camp by pingvin57/ stock.adobe: 87683138
  • Worker Camp by vitos / stock.adobe: 308555064
  • Oil field by Corona Borealis / stock.adobe: 329059748
  • Worker Camp 2 by Adwo / stock.adobe: 227717959
  • Mining by bobo1980 / stock.adobe: 162056051
  • Toilets for festivals by Rawf8 / stock.adobe: 233575919
  • Construction site by Panumas / stock.adobe: 322912716

Pictire: “Plastic water bottles pollution in ocean (Environment concept)” from chaiyapruek License from Adobe Stock

Picture “Kuala Lumpur skyline. Located in Taman Tasik Titiwangsa, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.” from aphotostory License from Adobe Stock

Picture”View of Bath town over the River Avon – England” from Leonid Andronov License from Adobe Stock

picture”View of Oia the most beautiful village of Santorini Island in Greece.” from proslgn License from Adobe Stock

picture “Historical Stone Bridge, Bridge tower and buildings in the evening, Regensburg, Germany” from bbsferrari License from Adobe Stock

picture “Herd of cows in the pasture” from Oligo License from Adobe Stock

picture “pool-g43d7d94f0_1920.jpg” from ArtByRM License from Pixabay

picture “landscape-gd70c18c37_1920.jpg” from analogicus License from Pixabay

picture “cow-gc6c8733c1_1920.jpg” from fietzfotos License from Pixabay

picture “wine-rack-g85622aed0_1920.jpg” from raeuberleiter License from Pixabay

picture “brazil-g828aa4074_1920.jpg” from guertzen License from Pixabay

picture “electrician-2755683_1920.jpg” from jarmoluk License from Pixabay

picture “blueprint-964629_1920.jpg” from Wokandapix License from Pixabay

picture “Spring landscape with pond and fields of rape” from Edler von Rabenstein, License from Adobe Stock

picture “Taschenrechner Berechnung” from stevepb, License from Pixabay

picture “Pump station for reverse osmosis industrial city water treatment station. Wide angle perspective. Industry, technology, special equipment, biotechnology, heating, ecology, environment” from Alex Stemmer License from Adobe Stock

picture “osmosis infographic vector” from gritsalak License from Adobe Stock

Picture: “Nabawi mosque during sunrise golden hour.” from AHMAD FAIZAL YAHYA License from AdobeStock

Picture: “The Mosque-Madrassa of Sultan Hassan in the panorama of Cairo, Egypt” from AlexAnton License from AdobeStock

Picture: ” pyramids giza cairo in egypt with camel caravane panoramic scenic viewfrom sculpiesLicense from AdobeStock

Picture: “The Great Mosque of Djenné, Mali, Africa.” from michelealfieri License from AdobeStock

Picture: ” Oil and gas industry – refinery factory – petrochemical plant at sunrise ” from Travel mania ” License from AdobeStock

Picture: “World Map Vector. Detailed illustration of worldmap” from Porcupen License from AdobeStock

Picture: “Cliffs of Moher at sunset, Co. Clare, Ireland” from Patryk Kosmider License from AdobeStock

Picture: “The New Castle, Ingolstadt, Germany” from catalinlazar License from AdobeStock

Picture: “Kuwait Tower City Skyline glowing at night, taken in Kuwait in December 2018 taken in hdr” from Lukas License from AdobeStock

Picture: “Nabawi mosque during sunrise golden hour.” from AHMAD FAIZAL YAHYA License from AdobeStock

Picture: “Sankt Petersburg” from alexanderanissov License from AdobeStock

Picture: “Garbage truck dumping the garbage on a landfill” from Dalibor Danilovic License from AdobeStock

Post picture: Foto from VisionPic .net from Pexels

Picture: from Olenka Sergienko from Pexels

Picture: from Gustavo Fring from Pexels

Picture: Photo by sl wong from Pexels

Picture: “Fiberglass production industry equipment at manufacture background, wide-focus lens” from Ivan Traimak license from AdobeStock

picture”Ras Al Khaimah creek at dusk, United Arab Emirates” from philipus

 License from Adobe Stock

Picture: “Silver Paint Buckets – 3D  Rendering” from Lightboxx  from Adobe Stock

Picture: “Ras Al Khaimah creek at dusk. Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates” from philipus from Adobe Stock

picture “Big Ben and Westminster Bridge in London, UNESCO world heritage in England” from Leonid Andronov License from Adobe Stock

picture “Lochness Urquhart Ruins” from Craig License from Adobe Stock

picture “frescobaldi-g5c5daf840_1280.jpg” from RonalddeBruijn License from Pixabay

picture “frescobaldi-g5c5daf840_1280.jpg” from RonalddeBruijn License from Pixabay

picture “chili-sauce-g9f86c7a11_1920.jpg” from phuonghoangthuy License from Pixabay

picture “oil-g028f0dc9e_1920.jpg” from mitchf1 License from Pixabay

picture “bakery-567380_1920.jpg” from JULIENDavid License from Pixabay

picture “bread-6330796_1920.jpg” from matthiasboeckel License from Pixabay

picture “bakery-5325300_1920.jpg” from allybally4b License from Pixabay

picture “pizza-712667_1920.jpg” from Wow_Pho License from Pixabay

picture “bread-basket-2105695_1920.jpg” from whitesession License from Pixabay

picture “assortment of iced fruit drinks on a dark background” from cook_inspire License from Adobe Stock

picture “man in chemical suit” from Andrej Pol License from Adobe Stock

picture “Bussines Technology Stadt” from Buffik License from Pixabay

picture “Laptop Büro Hand Schreiben Geschäft Dokumentieren” from Aymanejed License from Pixabay

picture “lab-g04eb0a122_1920” from bdyczewski, License from Pixabay