ClearFox® SBR Kits

ClearFox® are specialists in SBR process technology. This biological wastewater treatment solution can be applied to a wide range of applications. For industrial wastewater treatment, the SBR process can be used to biologically clean pretreated wastewater or can be used as a standalone system. For small communities and municipal wastewater treatment the SBR process is also an excellent solution for low cost wastewater treatment.  For small scale domestic applications our SBR systems can be utilised for new buildings or for the upgrade of existing wastewater treatment plants. ClearFox® SBR kits are available for projects between 4 and 10000 persons.


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SBR Standart Kit

ClearFox® SBR Standard Kit


ClearFox® SBR Industrial Systems

SBR Retrofitting Kit

ClearFox® SBR Retrofitting Kit

SBR wastewater system

ClearFox® QuickOne SBR Kit

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