Wastewater treatment for a housing complex

ClearFox® FBBR in a concrete tank for the treatment of grey and black water

Domestic wastewater treatment

Wastewater treatment for a housing complex

ClearFox® FBBR in a concrete tank for the treatment of grey and black water

Domestic wastewater treatment

Project Details

Size 450 m³/day
Location Alexandria, Egypt
Completed 2016

Project Delivery

Features Quick installation
High cleaning performance
Treatment Modules ClearFox® SBR

Project Results

Before After
COD 400 mg/l <75 mg/l
BOD 200 mg/l <15 mg/l



Egypt is strongly influenced by tourism. In addition to the numerous sights, the country offers an interesting culture. Around 13 million foreign visitors travel to the country every year, making tourism one of the country’s largest economic sectors. The Mediterranean region in particular offers numerous visitors a place to relax.

A Mediterranean resort in Alexandria offers its visitors a comfortable place to relax. On the grounds are villas of various sizes, an indoor wellness area, its own shopping mall, numerous restaurants and direct access to the sea. Wastewater is produced on the entire site, which the owner wants to reuse to irrigate the green areas on the grounds. In addition to the hygienic wastewater from the villas, there is also wastewater from the kitchens of the restaurants and the wellness area.


The challenge of this project was, on the one hand, the almost invisible construction of the sbr system. As the Mediterranean resort is home to guests all year round, the construction work was not allowed to disturb them. Nevertheless, the sbr system was to be located close to the resort, as the owner wanted to avoid long transport routes. On the other hand, the sewage treatment plant had to be low-maintenance and reliable, as the Mediterranean resort has hardly any skilled workers who can repair faults on site.


The ClearFox® team visited the Mediterranean resort on site. The client built concrete tanks in which the staff installed the sbr system technology. The focus was on biological wastewater treatment: an aeration system supplies oxygen to the microorganisms in the wastewater, which convert the dissolved substances in the wastewater into secondary sludge. This settles at the bottom of the plant and thus separates from the treated water. To further reduce the volume of the sludge, the ClearFox® team offered the Mediterranean resort a sludge dewatering unit to reduce the cost of removal. Since the client reuses the water for irrigation, after the first treatment stage the water first flows into a filtration unit and then into a disinfection unit. The engineers accommodated all technical components such as the control system, sludge separator or dosing unit in one container. In addition to the overall project planning, the ClearFox® team also took over the project planning, installation and commissioning.

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