Mykonos Hotel Wastewater Treatment

Hotel wastewater treatment solution using ClearFox® SBR technology

SBR equipment for Hotel wastewater
SBR kit for Hotel wastewater


Hotel wastewater




Mykonos, Greece






Increased environmental compliance requirements coupled with a desire by hotel owners to protect the pristine environment has created a demand for high efficiency wastewater treatment systems in Mykonos. Previously many hotels relied on septic tanks and conventional wastewater treatment systems that did not produce a clean effluent. This has lead to increased pollution of surface water, groundwater and the sea.


Hotel wastewater can be characterised by highly variable loadings. These loading variations can cause big differences in wastewater flows between weekends and weekdays, and between peak tourism months and off peak seasons.

Also, hotel wastewater is generally heavily loaded with higher than normal BOD and COD. This can be relate dot the significant amount of catering and food preparation that happens onsite in particular with resort complexes with multiple restaurants.

Odour control and reliability are also two major concerns when installing a hotel wastewater treatment system. So a GSM alarm system is generally required to allow rapid notification of any issues to prevent downtime. Also carbon filters are generally supplied with our SBR systems in order to ensure complete odour free operation.


ClearFox® SBR kits are a perfect solution for dealing with hotel wastewater. They are extremely cost effective and can be combined with locally manufactured plastic or concrete tanks. In this project the SBR kit was installed by our partner Interexperts into precast concrete tanks.

The SBR is a batch treatment process technology. This means that highly variable flows are easy to manage as hotel wastewater is treated in individual batches in a controlled manner. This allows for a very high quality of effluent to be achieved. In this project a BOD of <10mg/l, ammonia of <5mg/l and TSS of <10mg/l is achieved.

The SBR system was installed and commissioned in one day, and now provides a clean and clear effluent that can be used for irrigation or that is safe to directly discharge to the sea.

The SBR process technology is a very flexible wastewater treatment process technology. It provides a method of effectively cleaning many types of wastewater using biological treatment. SBR retrofit kits can also be installed into existing septic tanks.

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