ClearFox® SBR water treatment system in Kuwait




Soft drinks manufacturer in Kuwait purchased ClearFox® SBR water treatment system


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ClearFox® SBR water treatment system for Kuwait
ClearFox® SBR water treatment system in concrete tank
ClearFox® SBR water treatment system air diffuser system


Biological wastewater treatment for soft drink producing company






ClearFox® SBR water treatment system


1,000 m³/day


SBR technology in a concrete tank


  • Complete project planning
  • Visit and quick installation on site


A ClearFox® SBR water treatment system is a popular method for biological treatment, especially in the food and beverage industry. Often the wastewater is heavily polluted, but the dissolved substances are mostly organic, so they can be easily biodegraded by an SBR technology. The ClearFox® SBR water treatment system is a cost-effective and reliable system.

The customer is one of the largest soft drink manufacturers in the world. Based in Kuwait, the company produces beverages for various brands that are known in numerous countries. Since hygienic working is particularly important in the food and beverage industry, wastewater is produced at every step of the process. For this, a ClearFox® SBR water treatment system is the best solution.


The company is located in the centre of Kuwait’s capital. The factory premises cannot be expanded, so the SBR water treatment system has to adapt to the local conditions. In addition, the wastewater load is very high at 1,000 m³/day. However, this wastewater volume is evenly distributed throughout the day and is therefore suitable for purification with an SBR technology.

The main ingredients of the wastewater are sugars, dyes, flavourings and detergents, which get into the wastewater during the cleaning of the plants. This results in a very high chemical and biological oxygen demand, and the nitrogen and phosphorus content in the wastewater is also very high. Since it is very warm in Kuwait almost all year round, the government requires every company to reuse the treated wastewater. This was an important criterion for the company’s purchase decision.


The ClearFox® team visited the customer on site and planned several concrete tanks for the SBR technology on the company’s premises, which the company had built on site. The ClearFox® engineers installed the SBR water treatment system in the tanks. In addition to the complete planning, the ClearFox® team installed the system and instructed the employees on site in the processes.

The ClearFox® SBR water treatment system promotes the growth of microorganisms in the wastewater. These break down the dissolved substances in the wastewater and thus reduce the chemical and biological oxygen demand to a minimum. In addition, the plants lower the nitrogen and phosphorus content. This makes the treated wastewater suitable for watering the green areas on the company’s premises. In this way, the company easily meets the government’s requirements with the SBR technology.

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