ClearFox® DiOx EO Modules

The ClearFox® DiOx EO (electrical oxidation) is a specialized process technology that uses diamond electrodes and electrical current to oxidise a wide range of hard to treat pollutants. These include inert COD, heavy metals, and persistent substances. EO can be applied in all applications where it is necessary to oxidate inert organic matter. The ClearFox® DiOx EO Modules includes several stacks, and each of them comprises several square meters of HQ diamond coated electrodes. ClearFox® DiOx modules can handle flowrates from 1 m³/hr to 400 m³/hr.


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Advanced electrical oxidation EO module

Advanced pollutant removal technology with boron doped diamond electrodes

Modular EO technology can be supplied in container modules or can be installed in site built concrete tanks. The ClearFox® DiOx uses diamond coated electrodes that can achieve a wider range of pollutant removal and a higher removal efficiency than standard electrodes, making it the leading electrical oxidation process technology on the market.

Application Size:

There is no limit or restriction on the size of the project that our ClearFox® DiOx systems can be utilized for, as the system is modular. The DiOx modules can be used in conjunction with other ClearFox® process technologies as part of a complete industrial wastewater treatment solution, or they can be installed as a standalone solution. Complete solutions can be supplied, or the DiOx equipment can be installed within existing tanks onsite.

The EO ClearFox® DiOx is particularly suitable for applications such as:

  • Produced water from oil drilling
  • Produced water from gas exploration
  • Pharmaceutical wastewater
  • Wash water from plastic recycling industry
  • Printing wastewater
  • Textile wastewater
  • Landfill
  • Power industry wastewater
  • Automotive industry wastewater
  • Semiconductor industry wastewater


EO can be applied in all applications where it is necessary to oxidate inert organic matter. The ClearFox® DiOx EO Modules includes several stacks, and each of them comprises several square meters of HQ diamond coated electrodes.

Diamond coatings are recognised for their extreme stability and long lifetime. The major benefit of the HQ diamond coating is that, during the oxidation process, hydroxyl radicals are also formed, which have a high disinfectant effect in wastewater. The power consumption is very low and there are no residual substances.

The ClearFox® modules are very user-friendly, packed in highly resistant casings, and can be maintained easily.

In combination with ClearFox® FBBR biological reactors and ClearFox® DAF cells, PPU can now cover an extended range of complex industrial wastewater treatment applications very economically.

Advantages of a ClearFox® DiOx EO wastewater treatment systems:

  • Market leading, state of the art technology is built into our container solutions, which are manufactured in a quality-controlled environment and are factory tested.
  • Ability to deal with very complex, hard to treat wastewaters
  • No chemicals required for operation
  • No sludge produced
  • Odour free
  • No requirement for storage of ozone (as with other oxidation processes)
  • The complete system with all its components is provided from one supplier, thus limiting financial risk.
  • It is made in Germany, and CE marked
ClearFox DiOx solution
  • The wastewater container treatment plants are suitably designed for all climate zones and achieve maximum efficiency in each process step.
  • The system can easily be transported by land or sea due to its modular construction
  • Option to install in site-built tanks
  • The solution is modular, fully automatic plug & play and can be combined with other process technologies to meet strict compliance limits
  • Rapid installation and setup of the system as it is delivered with all equipment preinstalled. Simply connect the system to the electricity supply, then connect the inlets and outlets.
  • The modules can be added on to upgrade existing WWTPs to meet new emission limits.


The ClearFox® DiOx Electro-oxidation (EO) is a process technology used for industrial wastewater treatment. It comprises two electrodes operating as anode and cathode, connected to a power source. When an energy input and sufficient wastewater are provided to the system, strong oxidizing species are formed, which interact with the contaminants and degrade them. The electrode material has a major impact on the system efficiency. With our diamond coated electrodes offering superior pollutant removal than normal electrode materials.

ClearFox® DiOx can be implemented for the removal of a wide variety of harmful and non-biodegradable contaminants, including aromatics, pesticides, dye, heavy metals, etc. In combination with the ClearFox® DAF and FBBR it offers the ability to totally clean and treat industrial wastewaters, making them suitable for reuse.

ClearFox DiOx for industrial wastewater treatment

The ClearFox® DiOx uses diamond coated electrodes. Diamond coated electrodes exhibit strong chemical and electrochemical stability, good conductivity, extreme resistance to corrosion and a very wide potential window. This makes the diamond coated electrodes superior to other types. The corrosion resistance also means that they are especially suitable for the treatment of wastewaters with a very high TDS such as oil and gas produced water, landfill leachate and other highly polluted industrial wastewaters. For this reason, DiOx is considered as the most effective electrode type for mineralization of organic pollutants, providing high efficiency as well as lower energy consumption (OPEX) when compared to all other electrodes.

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