Wastewater from sauce production




ClearFox® DAF and SBR system for the treatment of wastewater from sauce production


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Containerized treatment system for wastewater from sauce production
Clearwater discharge after wastewater from sauce production
ClearFox® dosing station for wastewater from sauce production


Treatment of wastewater from sauce production




Central Germany



50 m³/day


  • SBR tower
  • Containerized wastewater treatment plant


Biological wastewater treatment for discharge into a municipal wastewater treatment plant


Naba is a company in central Germany and specialised in the production of organic sauces. The company processes organically produced food. The focus is primarily on regional vegetables. During production, wastewater from sauce production is produced, which the company pre-treats with a ClearFox® wastewater treatment plant. After treatment, the wastewater from sauce production flows into a municipal wastewater treatment plant.

Despite pre-treatment on the factory premises, the company wanted to indirectly discharge its wastewater from sauce production into a municipal wastewater treatment plant. The focus was on the economic benefit from doing this compared to tanker wastewater offsite. Biological wastewater treatment significantly reduces the financial outlay for the company. The ClearFox® wastewater treatment plant represented the most cost-effective solution.


Due to the processing of fresh food, the wastewater from sauce production contains coarse contaminants such as sand or dirt particles. In addition, the wastewater has a chemical oxygen demand of 25,000 milligrams per litre and an increased pH value. At the company, the wastewater from sauce production mixes with rainwater from the site. A ClearFox® wastewater treatment plant should pre-treat both types of wastewater for indirect discharge.


The wastewater flows into a ClearFox® DAF. Before the first treatment stage, a sand filter removes all coarse contaminants from the wastewater from sauce production. A dosing station adds flocculants to the reactor to convert the dissolved substances into sludge. The system then separates this from the clear water.

Since the wastewater has a high pH value, it then passes through a neutralisation unit. A dewatering system reduces the volume of sludge to a minimum. The company has this sludge disposed of at regular intervals.

The ClearFox® solution includes an SBR system in a ten-metre-high tower. In the SBR system, not only does the biological wastewater treatment takes place, but also a continuous mixing of the wastewater.

For this project, the ClearFox® team only had access to the ten-metre-high wastewater collection tower on site. The DAF was delivered by the team, together with the dosing station, in a sea container. For this project, PPU Umwelttechnik GmbH took over the complete planning, shipping, on-site installation and instruction of the employees.

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