ClearFox® Sludge Treatment

ClearFox® modular sludge solutions provide effective ways to significantly reduce the sludge that can be produced as a by-product from certain wastewater treatment process technologies. These solutions are implemented either as stand-alone modules, or they can be used in conjunction with other wastewater treatment process technologies. ClearFox® modular sludge treatment solutions can be implemented for handling sludge from various sources including biological and DAF systems. They can also be applied to a wide range of applications including municipal and industrial projects.


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Sludge treatment

Automatic, cost-effective sludge management solutions

For municipal wastewater treatment, where biological process technologies are generally implemented the secondary sludge that is produced must be managed. For small scale applications then big bag dewatering units can be implemented. However, as project sizes increase then sludge management solution changes. For larger applications we have a range of sludge thickeners and screw presses that can be used to achieve any required level of dry substance.

For industrial wastewater treatment where dissolved air flotation, heavy-metal precipitation, and other process technologies are used, the sludge volume and composition can be very different. For such applications sludge can often be handled directly with the use of sludge screw press.

Specialist advice is needed in the selection of the correct sludge management solution, because the type of sludge varies significantly with every application. Example municipal sludge can have a dry substance of 1% prior to treatment, so thickening is required before pressing. In contrast sludge from food and beverage sector arising from pretreatment in a dissolved air flotation system can be handled directly by a suitably sized screen press.

ClearFox® also has a range of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment process technologies that produce zero sludge. These include our  ClearFox® Nature systems municipal wastewater, and are electrical oxidation process ClearFox® DiOx for industrial wastewater treatment.


With any solution or process technology we implement on one of our projects we are always focused on CAPEX and OPEX. Our priority is to offer high quality solutions to our customers at a reasonable cost. When purchasing any equipment from our company you have a guarantee that the equipment is CE marked, complies with all European standards, has been manufactured under strict quality standards, and that the equipment undergoes a factory acceptance test prior to dispatch.

Our sludge management solutions are designed so that minimal operator input is required in the operation. This is achieved by using clever design features, thereby reducing the amounts and number of mechanical parts required. By reducing the number of hours needed for operation and maintenance of our sludge treatment equipment, a significant cost saving is given to the end user.

Our in-house service and maintenance team are available 24 hours a day, and 7 days per week for our existing customers. Our specialist technicians are available at all times for video calls to troubleshoot any issues easily, and our maintenance teams are available to travel anywhere in the world to support our customers. When you purchase equipment from ClearFox®, you get access not just to a market leading product, but also to a market leading service team that are available to support our customers any time.

A range of different materials are available depending on the application type and source of sludge. These include normal stainless-steel equipment, and also equipment manufactured from duplex or super duplex very for corrosive sludge and wastewater. Epoxy coated equipment is also available.


  • Self-Cleaning large transport load
  • No clogging
  • No odour
  • No backwash easy maintenance
  • Stable treatment capacity


The ClearFox® sludge treatment system consists of a thickener and a solid-liquid separator. Oval rotating plates transport the sludge forward. Between the rotating plates a grit (gap size 1 mm) is assembled. The fluid phase passes the grid, sludge and solids are transported further on, compressed by a press plate and finally dewatered by an air cylinder which puts pressure on it. A static mixing device ensures a steady delivery of polymers. A sludge storage tank put beneath the thickener receives the separated dry solids.

Furthermore, a self-cleaning process included. Due to the slits opposite the continuous rotation and the oval shape of the plates a waving transport and consequently a self-cleaning effect occurs. As a result, clogging is avoided and flushing is not necessary.

The treatment process is stable, there is no reduction in capacity.

The rotating disk thickener and dewatering unit can be widely applied to municipal sludge (such as primary, secondary and mixed sludge), dewatering of slurry and digestate as well as sludge from industry.

The screw press consists of three dewatering zones: The processes there are thickening, filtration and compression. In the thickening zone of the dewatering drum the solids are separated and the liquid is discharged. The dewatering zone follows where the pressure rises due to the decreasing pitch of the screw and smaller gaps between the rings. Finally dry sludge cake is discharged.

The sludge is continuously conveyed by means of a screw shaft inside the device. The cooperation of fixed and moving rings ensures self-cleaning preventing clogging. The sludge can initially be conditioned with polymers in a flocculation reactor including an agitator. Therefore, better results for dewatering are achieved. The drained water is led back into the buffer (pump sump) of the treatment system by gravity.

The standard application of PPU is the thickening of sludge from the DAF (20 – 40 l/h (per each 1 m³ floated wastewater) with DM 3 – 5% and secondary sludge from the biological treatment with DM 1%.

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