Wastewater treatment for Royal Family Villa in Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates

Wastewater treatment with ClearFox® SBR system

SBR system
SBR system


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United Arab Emirates


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In the United Arab Emirates, there is an increased focus on sustainable use of water resources. While main urban areas in the United Arab Emirates such as Abu Dhabi and Dubai are served by large municipal wastewater treatment plants, there are many developments without access to the main sewer networks require a way to manage their wastewater. Many hotels and villas are located in rural areas and require simple, low-cost and effective way to clean and reuse their wastewater. That is why we  offer SBR system.


Many of the royal families in the Emirates are leading the way with regards to sustainable environmental practices. Our client, one of the royal families in Emirates is constructed a new villa the mountains. This villa has the capacity for up to 100 guests. The client required method to clean their wastewater generated from the villa to allow it to be reused for irrigation on site. The client required a solution could handle highly variable floors and loadings, this is a holiday villa that is not always occupied.

The client needed a solution operated automatically that the need for full-time operator. The system also had to be compact, producing no order, and silent in operation. The client also required a system produced very low amounts of sludge for long desludging intervals, such as SBR system.


After consultation with experts, a ClearFox QuickOne. SBR system was selected for the site. The SBR system was considered an excellent choice by the client many reasons.

Firstly, the wastewater treatment system is certified to EN12566-3. Many of the alternative solutions being considered by the client were not designed or certified to any international standard. Also, the SBR system could be installed in the reinforced concrete tank constructed on site. This reduced the amount of equipment client needed to purchase from us, thereby reducing costs significantly the project.

The SBR system was manufactured in four weeks and transported to site by air. Six weeks from placing the order system was installed on site and operational.


Data collection, design, review of client tank drawings for SBR system, installation support.

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