ClearFox® supplying the gold mining sector

ClearFox® continues to provide solutions to customers looking for high quality and reliable solutions for their wastewater treatment. Recently ClearFox® manufactured containerised solutions for other key clients in Africa including national oil companies in Libya and Egypt, and Samsung in Nigeria.


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Container wastewater treatment

ClearFox® has completed manufacture and testing of a modular, mobile wastewater treatment system for export to Mali.

Our client is a senior gold miner operating all over Africa. For the development of a new worker camp in Mali they needed a containerised modular wastewater treatment solution. The wastewater from the worker camp will be cleaned in the system before being discharged into the natural environment.

A ClearFox® solution was chosen ahead of competitors due to the many clear advantages of our solutions. These include:

  • automatic operation
  • no chemicals required
  • simple maintenance
  • ability to add more modules as the mine grows
  • CE marked
  • Quality

The process technology that we use and the method of construction of our container system is one of our keys to success.

Inside each container is a single piece rotationally moulded HDPE tank. This completely lines the inside of the container guaranteeing no leaks and also a lifespan of >20 years. Also this plastic liner is resistant to corrosion. In contrast, most competitors either use small plastic tanks inside the container [thereby not making use of the full volume] or they use welded polypropylene [welds have a short lifespan and can leak easily] or they just use mild steel which corrodes over time.

The superior design features of our container systems are many, but this is one key factor that separates us from our competitors. Also our containers are all insulated. This allows us to deal with fluctuating daytime/nigh time temperatures without a problem. The temperature has a big impact on the biological treatment process, so insulation as standard ensures our systems achieve a more stable operation and more consistent treatment standards.

The process technology we use is also the most suitable for simple and automatic operation without problems. This is our cascaded FBBR process technology. You can read more about the process technology advantages compared to MBR and MBBR here.

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