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ClearFox® lamella clarifier, Lamella Plate Clarifier or inclined plate settler (IPS)

ClearFox® Clarifiers for Water Treatment

ClearFox® lamella clarifier
ClearFox® lamella clarifier, Lamella Plate Clarifier or inclined plate settler (IPS)

  • Application: Industrial, Commercial & Municipal treatment
  • Application Sizes: 50 to 15.000 PE
  • Datasheet: Clarifier
  • Manufactured in: Germany

Special features are:

A lamella clarifier is a primary clarification device, capable of managing raw wastewater with high concentrations of suspended solids. It is a type of settler designed to remove solid particles from liquids. The advantage is that a lamella clarifier requires up to 80% less space compared to a traditional settling tank and therefore has a small eco footprint. Furthermore lamella clarifiers offer a simple design without requiring the use of any chemicals.

The ClearFox® lamella clarifier can be integrated into a wastewater treatment plant as a process technology, or be used as a stand-alone unit. Typical applications are the removal or separation of solids (specific gravity >1.0), grit or metals. This clarifier can operate with overflow rates 2 to 4 times more than of traditional clarifiers, thus allowing a greater influent flow rate and resulting in a more time efficient clarification process.

The ClearFox® lamella clarifier is supplied as a complete easy-to-install container or as a plate pack assembly for installation into either concrete or steel tanks.

Applications are:

  • Primary clarification of waste water
  • Wash water recirculation systems (as in fruit & vegetable crop processing)
  • Raw water clarification
  • Wash water settlement
  • Humus settlement
  • Treatment of effluents in metal finishing, and iron and steel plants
  • Gravel and sand industry
  • Recycling industry
  • Glass / Ceramics / natural stone
  • Chemical industry
  • Energy industry / cooling water
  • Tunneling / construction sites
  • Waste / Landfill / street-cleaning
  • Heavy metal precipitation
  • Municipal water treatment Systems
  • Wet scrubber and slaking effluents in the power industry
  • Thickening processes in the chemical, mining and mineral industries
Clearfox Clarifier
ClearFox® lamella clarifier, Lamella Plate Clarifier or inclined plate settler (IPS)

The containerized version, scope of delivery:

  • 1 x Lamella clarifier, Installed in a 20ft ISO high cube sea container, insulated, including valid CSC
  • Tanks: 2 chambers, with each chamber rotomoulded as a one piece PE Tank.
  • Flow rate: Max. 25m³ /h (Q24= continuous feed over 24 hours)
  • Dimensions: (L, B, H) 6.05 x 2.44 x 2.89 meters
  • Height with dome shaft construction: 3,45 meters
  • Required area: 15m²
  • Max. Transport weight: 6,500 kg
  • Max. Operating weight: 34,500 kg
  • Inlet: KG – DN 200
  • Outlet: KG – DN 200
  • Inlet / outlet height: 2.58 meters / 2.54 meters (measured from the bottom edge)
  • Material: Lamella material (PPTV)
  • Effective settling area: ~50m²
  • Sludge vent: 2-inch outlet with stainless steel fitting, hose connection and sludge feed pump (situated inside technical room)
  • Discharge, 2-inch outlet, 0.25 meter (1 x front / 1 x back)
  • Access: Domeshaft (4 pc.) on the container roof to both chambers and the container door
    *sludge feed to separate sludge storage/ dewatering station.


The separation results vary and largely depend on the feed water quality and types of contaminants contained. The waste water enters the ClearFox® lamella clarifier through the inlet channel at the top and flows to the bottom of the separator.

The water is then led back to the top and in so doing, the water flows through the lamellas, onto which the solid particles settle. The treated water continues its journey to the top and reaches the outlet by passing a weir. The solid particles (sludge) on the lamellas, slide down the lamellas and are collected in the sludge funnel.

The sludge is then exported at intervals, as defined in the control programme. Installed alarms inform of any malfunction (when the sludge hopper is full or the settlement process is failing). This settlement process is highly effective and operates with minimal maintenance.

Lamella Clarifier


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