Agricultural wastewater




ClearFox® DAF and SBR system for agricultural wastewater treatment


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ClearFox® agricultural wastewater treatment in concrete tanks
ClearFox® containerized system for agricultural wastewater treatment
Agricultural wastewater treatment system for Azerbaijan


Agricultural wastewater




Baku, Azerbaijan


75 m³/day


  • Dosing station
  • flotation
  • ammonia reduction
  • sand filter
  • disinfection


Wastewater treatment for reuse


Agricultural wastewater is a challenge for many farms. Keeping animals produces slurry, which farmers deal with differently, depending on the region and legal requirements. On the one hand, farmers can spread the agricultural wastewater on their own fields. In many places, it is common for a livestock farmer to operate farmland that he can manage with his manure. On the other hand, the farmer can have his slurry transported away for further treatment.

The customer runs a cow breeding farm in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. Around 75 m³ of agricultural wastewater is produced there every day. This has a high nitrate content, and the COD and BOD level is also very high, which is why it must not flow into the environment without treatment. The customer wanted to be able to reuse part of the treated wastewater on his farm.


In Azerbaijan, too, the soil is increasingly polluted with nitrates. In addition, Baku is located directly on the Caspian Sea, which must not be damaged by agricultural wastewater. The customer therefore wanted a reliable system that would treat his slurry to such an extent that he could spread it on his fields without any problems. In addition, the customer produces wastewater when cleaning his stables. The wastewater therefore contains coarse contaminants such as small stones or sand.


The solution for the customer was a wastewater treatment system consisting of three main components: In the first step, a sand filter removes all coarse contaminants from the wastewater. The second step is a dissolved air flotation system. There, flocculation aids bind all dissolved substances and carry them upwards as sludge. The third step is an SBR reactor, which biologically treats the agricultural wastewater and thus reduces the COD and BOD content. The focus here was on ammonia reduction and disinfection.

The ClearFox® treatment plant separates the treated agricultural wastewater into two parts: on the one hand, it produces water that the customer can reuse to clean his farm. Secondly, the ClearFox® treatment plant reduces the nitrate content in the slurry to such an extent that the customer can spread it on his fields without hesitation.

The ClearFox® team took over the complete planning for this order, the development of a system that could be easily installed in concrete tanks, the shipping, the installation as well as the instruction of the employees on site.

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