ClearFox® Containerized Systems

A containerized mobile waste water treatment plant is a packaged wastewater treatment system where all wastewater treatment equipment is completely preinstalled in ISO shipping containers.


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containerized system

Modular sewage treatment plant

The modular containerized system can be easily transported either by land or sea. As all of the waste water treatment equipment is preinstalled and factory tested, onsite installation work is limited with the system needing to be just plugged in. A range of process technologies can be installed in our modular, mobile systems, making them suitable for municipal and industrial wastewaters.

Application Size:

There is no limit or restriction on the size of the project that our containerized systems can be utilized for, as the system is modular.

Waste water treatment systems from 50 to 20.000 persons, or 10-2500m3 of wastewater per day have been commissioned.  Any effluent quality can be achieved.

Modular packaged containers plants are especially suitable for applications such as:


Advantages of a ClearFox® portable wastewater treatment systems:

  • temporary wastewater treatmentMarket leading, state of the art technology is built into our container solutions, which are manufactured in a quality controlled environment and are factory tested.
  • The complete system with all its components is provided from a singular supplier, thus limiting financial risk.
  • Made in Germany, with 20 years warranty on new packaged waste water treatment systems.
  • The waste water containerized systems are suitably designed for all climate zones and achieve maximum efficiency in each step of process.
  • The system can be easily transported either by land or sea and is easily setup in isolated remote and off the grid areas.
  • Low costs for scheduling and construction, as no infrastructure or buildings are required. Only a solid base or foundation is needed on which to place the containers.
  • The solution is modular, fully automatic plug & play and can be tailored to the specific local conditions and/or project requirements.
  • Rapid installation and setup of the system as it is delivered with all equipment preinstalled. Simply connect the system to the electricity supply, then connect the inlets and outlets.
  • It can be rapidly dismantled for a quick and easy relocation.
  • slurry treatmentLow energy costs due to  integrated energy saving mode.
  • No noise as the entire container treatment plant is enclosed.
  • Standard, locally obtainable spare parts can be used for maintenance, thus saving time and money.
  • Can be used as a fixed or temporary solution for any existing treatment plant, in a supporting function, e.g. during undertaking improvements [new, upgrade, bypass].
  • The containerized systems can be added on to upgrade existing WWTPs to meet new emission limits.
  • Flexible, as systems can be designed as complete waste water treatment plants or hybrid systems, depending on the requirements.
  • Designed for waste water treatment, sludge treatment and industrial water treatment for either medium or large scale applications such as food industry or for remote communities without access to a municipal sewage system.


The different containerized system for wastewater treatment used depending on the specific project requirements and the effluent standards that need to be achieved.

temporare wastewater treatmentThe following main modules available:

Mechanical pretreatment of raw wastewater is accomplished by the use of a screw screen. Theses screens remove large non-organic particles from the wastewater. Compact screens can be used to remove grease and/or sand [or other coarse aggregates] where necessary. These mechanical screens can be mounted on the containerized wastewater treatment plant or can be installed within the packaged plant.

Non-organic waste material removed by the screen is collected and/or removed offsite for disposal or further treatment. In smaller wastewater treatment plants, mechanical pretreatment can be integrated by the use of primary settlement tanks, in which case the non-organic materials are not separated but collected along with the primary sludge for disposal.

Buffering may be required after the mechanical screening. We can distinguish between the different types of wastewater buffering as follows:

  • temporare waste waster treatmentAerated buffering for the breakdown of simple carbon based compounds
  • Unventilated buffering, for the sole purpose of managing hydraulic peak flows
  • Anoxic buffering which can be required for pre-denitrification or selection processes in industrial wastewater treatment.

Most complete packaged containerized wastewater treatment systems are a combination of several stages of treatment. If large buffering is required, the use of concrete and/or plastic tanks can be incorporated into the design.

Fully automatic mobile wastewater treatment in containerized systems

ClearFox for Samsung heavy industriesThe operation of the containerized system is completely automatic and requires only a minimum of operational input. With integrated energy saving modes the mobile wastewater treatment plant can adapt to an actual volume of wastewater entering the system. This makes our treatment plants highly energy efficient, thus resulting in reduced operational management and overall maintenance. A portable sewage treatment plant is highly flexible and can adapt to your specific requirements by using a combination of our different treatment modules. This allows us to offer you the best available system and/or custom-made solution for your project.

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