PPU will exhibit at the PRS – Plastic Recycling Show Europe

On 22 and 23 June 2022, PPU will be exhibiting at the PRS – Plastic Recycling Show Europe. The aim of the visit is to make the plastic recycling industry aware of the importance of wastewater treatment in the recycling process. By cleaning and reusing the wash water again, there can be major cost savings. The Bayreuth-based company offers outstanding solutions to treat the wastewater generated in the plastic recycling process in a sustainable way. 

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The plastic recycling industry continues to grow

In recent years, the plastic recycling industry has continued to grow. The main reasons for this are the increasingly strict regulations of local and supra-regional governments. As the focus continues to be on protecting the environment and reusing existing resources, plastic recycling is growing into an ever-larger sector. These challenges are being addressed by all countries worldwide to further stem the tide of plastic waste. 

The resulting wastewater volumes are a challenge for many recycling companies. In most cases, the plant operators discharge their wastewater indirectly into the municipal wastewater treatment plant. However, since these are increasingly overloaded, the discharge volume for companies is often limited. The ideal solution is to treat wastewater in their own company. Depending on the type of plant or the wastewater produced, PPU offers ideal solutions for either discharging the wastewater directly or reusing it in the recycling process. 

ClearFox solutions at PRS

Environmental protection will be the focus at the PRS – Plastic Recycling Show Europe

PPU will present its solutions for wastewater treatment at the PRS – Plastic Recycling Show Europe. The aim is to address not only plant operators, but also manufacturers and dealers of recycling plants. Thanks to PPU’s solutions, they are then able to offer complete solutions for the plastic recycling industry. Depending on the type of wastewater, either dissolved air flotation, biological treatment processes or electrical oxidation processes are used. Thanks to its in-house laboratory, PPU can examine the wastewater in detail to recommend the best treatment solution. 

Trade fairs and exhibitions are an important part of customer communication for PPU. There, potential customers can get to know the advantages of ClearFox® wastewater treatment plants directly. In addition to the outstanding service, such as laboratory tests, remote monitoring or 24/7 availability, PPU offers cost-effective solutions that reliably comply with the required discharge values. 

Visit us at the PRS – Plastic Recycling Show Europe, stand K20 and get to know our individual solutions for the plastic recycling industry. 

Update 24 June 2022

At PRS – Plastic Recycling Show Europe, PPU made numerous contacts with recycling companies worldwide. The area of wastewater treatment is not yet well established in recycling processes, which is why numerous customers visited the PPU stand. Many countries and recycling companies are attaching more and more importance to wastewater treatment in the recycling process. Especially in North African countries and India, environmental protection will play an increasingly important role. Therefore, wastewater treatment in the field of plastics recycling will continue to be an important pillar of PPU.

James Clarke at PRS

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