Wastewater treatment for PET recycling

ClearFox® DAF and drum filter for wastewater treatment in the PET recycling sector

PET recycling

Wastewater treatment for PET recycling

ClearFox® DAF and drum filter for wastewater treatment in the PET recycling sector

PET recycling

Project Details

Size 20 m³/hr
Location France
Completed 2021

Project Delivery

Features High cleaning efficiency
Low energy consumption
Fast delivery
Plug & play
Treatment Modules ClearFox® DAF
Drum filter

Project Results

Before After
COD 10,000 mg/l 500 mg/l



Globally, PET recycling is an important area to sustainably protect the environment. Within the next ten years, many governments are planning to tighten the regulations for the reuse of PET. As PET washing is an important part of the recycling process, solutions for wastewater treatment for PET recycling are becoming increasingly important. 

A PET recycling company in France used to focus on wastewater treatment through an ultrafiltration system. As this was no longer sufficient to cope with the 20 cubic metres per hour of wastewater produced, the customer asked PPU Umwelttechnik GmbH for an alternative solution.


The first challenge was to integrate the treatment plant into the existing process without interrupting recycling. In addition, the company shreds the PET into small flakes. As a result, there is always a small amount of microplastic in the wastewater. The wastewater treatment plant has to filter out this part completely. The third challenge was the mobility of the wastewater treatment plant. The location for the solution for wastewater treatment for PET recycling had to integrate smoothly into the recycling process. 


PPU offered a drum screen that it designed specifically for wastewater treatment for PET recycling as the first wash water pre-treatment step. This reliably filters all particles larger than 3 millimetres out of the wastewater. The wastewater then flows into a ClearFox® DAF, which removes almost all undissolved substances from the wastewater. 

PPU installed the entire system in a 20-foot HC ISO sea container. The container is located at the appropriate place in the recycling plant, so that the wastewater does not have to travel long distances to the treatment plant. The ClearFox® DAF is an outstanding system that works without mechanical or electrical parts in the wastewater. This makes it particularly low-maintenance and guarantees low operating costs. It removes up to 99% of all dissolved substances, so that the customer can discharge his wastewater directly or indirectly without hesitation. 

The PPU equipment is CE marked and complies with all European standards with regard to equipment design, safety and efficiency. Our customised DAF is specifically design for plastic recycling washwater, and has many operational advantages such as automatic sludge separation without a scraper and integrated sludge thickening.  

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