ClearFox® exhibited at Aquatech in Amsterdam

At the beginning of November 2021, the ClearFox® team around International Sales Manager James Clark and Sales Manager D-A-CH Reiner Fiehne visited Aquatech in Amsterdam. The trade fair focuses on environmental solutions in the areas of water and wastewater. The ClearFox® booth at Aquatech was visited by long-standing business partners of the company as well as potential new customers.

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International sales manager James Clarke at Aquatech

Aquatech appeals to a broad audience

James Clarke and Reiner Fiehne went to Aquatech with two big goals: to win customers and to make contacts. The customers approached the ClearFox® team with their own projects. Most of them were industrial projects such as salmon farms, wastewater treatment in the oil and gas industry or the food and beverage sector. A smaller part were private projects for a domestic small wastewater treatment plant.

The ClearFox® team advised on all processes and sizes at the Aquatech

PPU Umwelttechnik has numerous processes such as FBBR, SBR, DAF or DiOx EO in its portfolio. Different processes are suitable for every enquiry and every project – some stand-alone, some in combination. In the food and beverage industry, for example, biological processes or dissolved air flotation are usually suitable; if there are heavy metals in the wastewater, they can be removed with electronic oxidation. James Clarke and Reiner Fiehne scrutinised each project very closely and dealt with each customer in order to find the right solution for their wastewater.

In addition, the Aquatech visitors focused on the maximum size of the plant. The ClearFox® team can realise projects up to 5,000 PE in the municipal sector and from one to 400 m³/hour in the industrial sector. Containerised wastewater treatment plants were the main focus of the visitors. These combine several advantages: On the one hand, they are easy to transport, either by truck or by container ship. On the other hand, they are mobile and modular. They can be moved or expanded as needed. Containerised wastewater treatment plants are particularly popular in the industrial sector. Since the ClearFox® team pre-assembles them in the main factory and tests them extensively, the installation time on site is reduced to a minimum.

The numerous enquiries and visitors at Aquatech made James Clarke and Reiner Fiehne confident for the future. Trade fairs and exhibitions are an important means for PPU Umwelttechnik to get in touch with customers. For this reason, the visit to Amsterdam was worthwhile for both company representatives.

ClearFox® FBBR system at Aquatech

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