ClearFox® laboratory jar testing for dissolved air flotation

Why jar testing? For many types of industrial wastewater treatment, dissolved air flotation system is an excellent process technology to use. In order to enhance the treatment efficiency of a dissolved air flotation system, chemical pretreatment and flocculation is used.
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Dr.- Ing. Sabine Düreth-Joneck

Jar testing in the inhouse PPU laboratory

The suitability of any flocculant or polymer used can depend significantly based the composition of the wastewater. With our own in-house laboratory, we can take samples from our clients and complete our own jar testing. This means that if a customer sends us a sample of their wastewater, our testing can determine the exact removal efficiency for many parameters such as COD, BOD and heavy metals. In addition to this, we can determine the exact volumes of chemicals that should be used

This in-house testing ability that we have allows us to provide the next level of customer service to anyone buying one of our wastewater treatment solutions for their industrial application. A customer can get a guarantee of what cleaning efficiency will be achieved, and they can also receive accurate OPEX costs. This removes a lot of the uncertainty that many industrial clients face when considering what wastewater treatment solution to implement in their factory. Without this in-house jar testing, it is not possible for an end user to know with 100% certainty that they’re going to achieve their discharge and compliance standards. Also, there is a risk that their operational cost calculations are not accurate.

The dissolved air flotation systems by ClearFox®

In addition to providing jar testing services to improve the efficiency of chemical pretreatment, our solutions are also enhanced by unique design features. Our dissolved air flotation system is cylindrical in shape, which means there are no dead zones in corners where low treatment efficiency is achieved. This is a common problem in large rectangular dissolved air flotation systems. Also are dissolved air flotation system has no mechanical scraper for removing sludge. This has a significant reduction in operational costs and means that our dissolved air flotation system has less moving parts. Sludge being discharged from our dissolved air flotation system is also pre thickened and compressed, thereby reducing the volume of sludge produced from our system. We also manufacture dissolved air flotation systems from HDPE and PP so they are totally resistant to corrosion.
We also manufacture unique process technologies such as the DiOx oxidation system. This process technology is ideally suited for the removal of persistent substances and very hard to clean pollutants from industrial wastewater, and it has the unique feature in that no chemicals are required to clean the wastewater. This means that we can guarantee the lowest operational costs to our customers and clients around the world.
jar testing
PPU is a complete solutions and service provider to our customers. We custom build are solutions for each individual application. We provide jar testing services as already discussed. we also provide full turnkey installation, commissioning and training to all customers. Our service team are available to visit projects all over the world to assist individual customers and operators with their ClearFox system 24/7.

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