ClearFox® Wastewater Treatment Products

ClearFox® manufactures a range of wastewater treatment products. These products can be used to clean industrial wastewater and sewage for a wide range of applications, from complex industrial projects, to smaller scale municipal wastewater treatment. All of our products are manufactured to strict quality standards, are certified to the highest European standards, and offer cost effective, reliable wastewater treatment and compliance for our customers and partners.


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ClearFox wastewater treatment container

ClearFox® Containerized Systems

ClearFox DiOx system

ClearFox® DiOx EO Modules

ClearFox DAF system for wastewater treatment

ClearFox® DAF

ClearFox FBBR wastewater treatment solution

ClearFox® FBBR

ClearFox Clarifier

ClearFox® Clarifier


ClearFox® SBR Industrial Systems

SBR Standart Kit

ClearFox® SBR Standard Kit

SBR Retrofitting Kit

ClearFox® SBR Retrofitting Kit

non electric domstic sewage treatment plant ClearFox Nature

ClearFox® Nature non electric domestic

domestic treatment plant

ClearFox® Quickone+ septic tank

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