PPU exhibited at the Innovation Day for SMEs

On 23 June 2022, PPU, together with the University of Bayreuth, presented itself at the Innovation Day for SMEs in Berlin. The focus was on the “VerMiKlär” project, which is developing a biocomponent fibre to treat nitrogen-polluted wastewater. Dr.-Ing. Sabine Düreth-Joneck from PPU presented the project in an on-stage talk.

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PPU presented VerMiKlär

“VerMiKlär” was very well received at the Innovation Day for SMEs

Nitrogen-polluted wastewater mainly occurs in agriculture. When farmers spread their slurry on the fields, the nitrogen penetrates the soil. Above a certain level, this poses a major challenge to the soils. Increasingly large areas are affected by oversaturation, which is why the need for nitrogen reduction solutions is becoming more and more important.

The “VerMiKlär” project addresses this challenge. “Our task was to develop a nitrification module, including laboratory tests, and to integrate it into a pilot sewage treatment plant, as well as to develop a concept for integrating it into existing sewage treatment plants,” describes Dr.-Ing. Sabine Düreth-Joneck from PPU at the Innovation Day for SMEs. “The University of Bayreuth took care of the microbiological aspects and the cultivation of the bacterium. The Faserinstitut Bremen developed the biocomponent fibre from bacterial suspension and fibre sheath. In a further step, the fibre was processed at Mailinger GmbH, a nonwoven manufacturer, into a construct that can be incorporated into a module for wastewater treatment.”

Research and development are core components in wastewater treatment

The research and development department of PPU is a decisive factor for the outstanding solutions of the Bayreuth-based company. As a result, it is opening more and more areas of wastewater treatment. On the one hand, this is the treatment of nitrogen-polluted wastewater, on the other hand, processes for the treatment of wastewater in the field of plastic recycling have recently been developed. PPU observes international developments to solve challenges in a targeted manner.


The products and solutions go hand in hand with PPU’s services. In the in-house laboratory, analyses determine the components of the wastewater. This enables the PPU engineers to offer the best treatment process. Even during the operation of the wastewater treatment plant, the service team is there to help with any questions or concerns. Thus, every customer receives a reliable, low-maintenance and cost-effective system for wastewater treatment.

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