Leak test of the ClearFox® wastewater treatment plants

PPU wants to offer its customers outstanding service in all aspects of wastewater treatment. Therefore, in the future, leak tests of all containers will become standard before each delivery. Every customer will not only receive proof of the tightness of their system, but also the certainty of receiving a flawless product.

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ClearFox Leak test

Leak test as an integral part before delivery of a ClearFox® wastewater treatment plant

PPU mostly works with plastic tanks for its ClearFox® wastewater treatment plants. Depending on the application, these are made of different materials, have different shapes and are therefore suitable for different areas of application. These are, on the one hand, inlets for containerized wastewater treatment plants and, on the other hand, tanks for small sewage treatment plants.

The tanks are rotationally moulded. For each tank shape of the ClearFox® wastewater treatment plants there is a specially developed rotation negative. Plastic granulate is inserted into this and the tank is formed under heat and permanent rotation. The tanks are partly made of recycled plastic. With this process, PPU ensures that the tanks are completely leak-proof and that leakage is absolutely impossible. To prove this, the ClearFox® team implements an additional leak test.

The leak test detects even the smallest level changes

The requirements for the leak test are particularly strict. Since the tanks can hold between 1.25 and 14 cubic metres of wastewater and any leaks could only be hairline cracks, the leak test must reliably detect the smallest changes in the water level. The testing system only has a time window of around 30 minutes.

The testing system works with a highly sensitive measuring technique that can determine the pressure of the water column. If this changes only minimally, the system records this. Based on these measurements, the system creates a protocol and presents the data clearly. This is suitable both for passing on to the customer and for the customer’s own use. PPU is not obliged to prove the tightness of the containers but provides this service for the customers.

ClearFox Leak test service

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