Sewage treatment solutions in Spain

ClearFox® Nature for private sewage treatment in Spain


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ClearFox® Nature sewage treatment solutions
ClearFox® sewage treatment solutions for Spain
ClearFox® sewage treatment solutions underground installation


Sewage treatment solutions for private homes in Spain







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ClearFox® Nature in a rotationally moulded container


Reliable sewage treatment solutions through a non-electric small wastewater treatment plant


In southern regions of Europe, sewage treatment solutions are an important part of protecting the environment. As water is particularly scarce in the summer months, wastewater reuse is crucial to protect the country’s vegetation. Often, families who own their own homes use sewage treatment solutions to reuse the treated wastewater for irrigation.

For several years, PPU Umwelttechnik GmbH has been working closely with a business partner in Spain PROTECNIA INGENIEROS S.A., who provides sewage treatment solutions in the country. In this project, the business partner was approached by a young couple expecting their first child. The only thing missing from the young family’s new home was a reliable wastewater treatment plant.


In Spain, many houses are not connected to a municipal wastewater treatment plant. The reason for this is the lack of infrastructure, especially in rural areas. For this reason, many homeowners need sewage treatment solutions to avoid polluting the environment. Spain has been struggling with ever-increasing pollution for several years. Although industrial companies are the main polluters of industrial wastewater, the government is making efforts to consistently treat wastewater in all areas. This also affects private households.


A ClearFox® Nature was particularly suitable for this project. The small wastewater treatment plant requires no electrical energy and contains hardly any mechanical parts. It is therefore particularly reliable and easy to maintain. The customers opted for a ClearFox® Nature because the delivery time was particularly short.

The containers of the ClearFox® Nature are rotationally moulded so that they do not have a binding seam and thus convince with their long durability. This also makes them suitable for underground installation. In this project, too, the couple decided to install the treatment plant underground. The low maintenance of the ClearFox® Nature makes this system the ideal solution for private households all over the world.

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