Installation of a wastewater treatment plant in Egypt

In June 2022, the ClearFox® team installed a wastewater treatment plant in Egypt. The system will treat wastewater from the oil and gas industry. The installation was carried out by supervisors and specialists from PPU in cooperation with installers on site. After commissioning, the treatment plant will treat 1250 m³ of wastewater per day and consists of ClearFox® dissolved air flotation units, ClearFox® fixed bed reactors, units for denitrification and ultrafiltration as well as pre- and sludge treatment modules.

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Worldwide installation for PPU customers

PPU offers its customers a worldwide service for the installation and commissioning of wastewater treatment plants. This service is used by a customer from Egypt to install his wastewater treatment plant for the oil and gas industry. On site, supervisors and specialists from PPU and installers from Egypt work together. The installation time was therefore limited to only a few weeks. Already in Germany, the installation team received a detailed briefing for the work in Egypt. The ClearFox® engineers and the supervisor are in constant contact with the customer to fully implement his wishes and goals.

The customer from Egypt is enthusiastic about the products and services of PPU. The Bayreuth-based company offers a far better price-performance ratio than Egyptian companies in the field of wastewater treatment. Thus, in addition to the actual treatment plant, the ClearFox® team also supplied a fully equipped workshop container for the installation. This is equipped with all the special tools necessary for the installation, some of which are not available in Egypt. These include plastic welding equipment, circular cutters or pipe collars of all sizes and designs. A workbench is also installed in the container to create an ideal working atmosphere.

The workshop container will be available at the various construction sites in Egypt for the next three years. PPU thus guarantees outstanding service for all installation work worldwide.

ClearFox installation of a wastewater treatment plant
ClearFox outstanding service

Outstanding service rounds off ClearFox® wastewater treatment plants

Worldwide installations are not the only service offered by PPU. On site, the focus is on the accessibility of the employees. Every customer receives the fastest possible feedback on their enquiries and wishes. Laboratory analyses are also no challenge for PPU. The in-house laboratory determines – based on a wastewater sample – the best treatment solution. Every customer thus receives a reliable and low-maintenance wastewater treatment plant at the best price-performance ratio.

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