ClearFox® strengthens international cooperation

There has been international cooperation between PPU Umwelttechnik and an Estonian partner company for years. The Baltic company produces rotationally moulded tanks that are ideally suited for the ClearFox® wastewater treatment plants. At the beginning of August 2021, Markus Mostegel, project engineer, and Sebastian Papke, project manager, travelled to Estonia to strengthen the international cooperation.

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Rotationally moulded containers for ClearFox® wastewater treatment

International cooperation is particularly important to both companies

The partner company is in the west of the country. It is specialized in the production of rotationally moulded containers, which PPU Umwelttechnik uses to install ClearFox® wastewater treatment plants. These are, on the one hand, inlets, which the ClearFox® team installs in its containerized sewage treatment plants, and on the other, tanks for small sewage treatment plants. The partner company delivers these tanks to the two Bayreuth production halls where all the plants are built. Since PPU Umwelttechnik has a customer in Estonia, they asked the company to manufacture the systems locally to avoid unnecessary transports. The great logistical cooperation behind this partnership was strengthened by Markus Mostegel and Sebastian Papke’s visit to Estonia.

Three aspects were particularly important in the discussions to strengthen international cooperation: Due to the prevailing situation worldwide, the Estonian company lacked raw material necessary for the containers for several weeks. This caused a production stop, which ruined many plans.

Therefore, all parties involved agreed on a new production plan to fulfil all customer requirements in the best possible way. To ensure the flawless production of all Estonian wastewater treatment plants, the parties involved discussed the future material deliveries from Germany to Estonia. A few months ago, the ClearFox® team expanded its product range with a rectangular dissolved air flotation system. For this, the partner company built a new mould in which the rectangular funnel is created. To optimise the system even further, the parties involved improved the shape of the funnel.

ClearFox®-Team visit Esonia

What is the advantage of rotationally moulded containers?

The partner company from Estonia produces moulds made of steel that can be rotated 360° on three axes. For each ClearFox® tank a suitable mould is stored in Estonia. The employees fill these with a powder that melts at high temperatures. The mass is distributed evenly in the hot, rotating mould, creating a complete tank without a seam. This makes the tanks particularly stable. The small sewage treatment plants are thus suitable for underground installation.

The international cooperation has been further strengthened by the visit of Markus Mostegel and Sebastian Papke. Especially the communication between the two companies has greatly improved. The two project managers are planning regular visits on site to build up a long-term partnership.

ClearFox® rotationally moulded containers

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