Below ground sewage treatment in southern Iran


ClearFox® QuickOne for below ground sewage treatment for a steel factory


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ClearFox sanitary wastewater treatment
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Below ground sewage treatment for a steel factory






Sanitary wastewater treatment


14 PE


  • Reliable cleaning performance
  • Below ground installation


Sanitary wastewater treatment for industrial plants


A steel factory in southern Iran produces about 2.1 cubic metres of wastewater per day, which corresponds to a capacity of about 14 PE. The operator of this steel factory wanted a system for the below ground sewage treatment of the accumulating sanitary wastewater. On the one hand, this has an increased COD and BOD5, and on the other hand, oils and fats are mixed into the wastewater when washing hands. These must not be released into the environment without treatment.

Since southern Iran is close to the Persian Gulf, the groundwater table is very high. Therefore, it is not possible to dig wells for wastewater disposal. For this reason, the client wanted a system for below ground sewage treatment. In the steel factory, the wastewater volumes occur very irregularly. Especially at night and on weekends, the wastewater flow is lower. The system should therefore be able to compensate for the inflow peaks.


The challenge in this project was the high groundwater table and its direct connection to the sea. Since environmental protection is becoming increasingly important in Iran, the treated wastewater must not come into direct contact with the groundwater. Therefore, an additional pumping station was necessary, which pumps the wastewater into a separate catch basin after treatment.


The best solution for this project was a ClearFox® QuickOne system. The tank is rotationally moulded so that it has no predetermined breaking points. This way, the ClearFox® team guarantees a long durability of the tank and the installed system. It can also be installed underground without any problems. An integrated pump system transports the treated wastewater back to the surface and directs it into the catch basin.

An automated system specially adapted to the project supplies the microorganisms in the wastewater with oxygen. This allows them to grow in a controlled manner and treat the dissolved and non-dissolved substances in the wastewater. The system reliably lowers the existing COD and BOD5 through a defined cleaning cycle. Thus, the ClearFox® solution meets the customer’s requirements in the best possible way.

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