Treatment plant for sewage in Northern Iran

ClearFox® SBR kit for a treatment plant for sewage

Treatment plant for sewage in Northern Iran

ClearFox® SBR kit for a treatment plant for sewage

Project Details

Size 8 PE
Location Northern Iran
Completed 2022

Project Delivery

Features Underground installation
Long durability
Reliable cleaning performance
Treatment Modules ClearFox® SBR kit

Project Results

Before After
COD 1500 mg/l 400 mg/l
BOD 500 mg/l 25 mg/l



A treatment plant for sewage is an important part of wastewater treatment in northern Iran. A small part of it, about 3 percent, which lies on the Caspian Sea, is very green and characterised by a strong plant diversity. An average of 1000 mm of rain falls there every year. This balanced climate ensures that many Iranians spend their holidays there. The population density in northern Iran is also growing steadily. For existing or newly built houses or hotels, a treatment plant for sewage is therefore particularly important.

Directly on the coast of the Caspian Sea, a park operator is renovating a holiday home that can accommodate up to eight people. For this purpose, he was looking for a treatment plant for sewage. The prerequisite was that it could be installed underground and guarantee reliable wastewater treatment. In addition, it had to treat the wastewater biologically and have the lowest possible power consumption.


In past years, companies mostly used underground concrete tanks for domestic wastewater treatment. However, these can slowly disintegrate after a few years of use. As a result, there is a risk that the tanks will leak, and the wastewater will enter the groundwater. The north of Iran registered pollution of the groundwater and the Caspian Sea due to this problem. To counteract this, the government ordered that concrete tanks be replaced by plastic tanks in all renovation work and that only plastic tanks be used in new buildings.


For this project, a ClearFox® treatment plant for sewage was the ideal solution. Our business partner in Iran offered the SBR kit in a plastic tank. The rotationally moulded tank is particularly well suited for underground installation. The wastewater enters the treatment plant, where the ClearFox® SBR kit cleans it reliably and biologically. After treatment, the operator can discharge it into the environment without hesitation.

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