Sewage treatment equipment in Iran

ClearFox® SBR system as sewage treatment equipment at an oil refinery worker camp

Oil industry

Sewage treatment equipment in Iran

ClearFox® SBR system as sewage treatment equipment at an oil refinery worker camp

Oil industry

Project Details

Size 32 PE
Location Iran
Completed 2022

Project Delivery

Features Underground installation
Treatment for irrigation of the green areas 
Treatment Modules ClearFox® SBR
UV disinfection
Storage tank

Project Results

Before After
COD 1500 mg/l 450 mg/l
BOD 500 mg/l 30 mg/l



Sewage treatment equipment is an important tool in arid countries like Iran to counteract the ongoing water shortage in the country. Especially the south of Iran, which has been affected by a severe drought for years. The government is therefore imposing increasingly stringent requirements, requiring businesses to use sewage treatment equipment to treat their wastewater for reuse. 

Both businesses and individual homes are typically not connected to a municipal wastewater treatment plant in Iran. While in urban areas about 50 percent of all buildings are connected to the public sewage network, in rural areas it is just one percent. Having one’s own sewage treatment equipment is therefore particularly important in rural areas to protect nature and the seas from pollution. 


The employees of an oil refinery in southern Iran produce wastewater every day that is not allowed to flow into the environment without treatment. The refinery is located directly on the Persian Gulf, so failure to treat the wastewater would result in pollution of the estuary. However, since the employees of the oil refinery are not experts in the field of wastewater treatment, the sewage treatment equipment must be particularly reliable and require minimal maintenance. 


The solution for this project consisted of three parts: At the beginning, the wastewater flows into a concrete storage tank, from which it flows into an SBR system installed underground. The ClearFox® SBR system aerates the wastewater at regular intervals. This causes the microorganisms in the wastewater to grow and purify it biologically. After treatment, a UV disinfection additionally purifies the wastewater. This makes the wastewater suitable for irrigation of green spaces, which helps the company meet government requirements. 

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