Delegation from Kenya visited PPU

On 19 July 2022, a delegation from Kenya visited PPU in Bayreuth. The reason for this is the strong interest in wastewater treatment plants in Kenya. The travellers were interested in plants for domestic wastewater treatment as well as flotation plants for the food and beverage industry.

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ClearFox solutions for Kenya

Kenya has a great need for wastewater treatment solutions

In Kenya, wastewater treatment is still rudimentary. Cities are better connected to a sewage network than rural areas. Although the country is trying to steadily advance the sewage network and thus the discharge of wastewater into a municipal treatment plant, to date only 15 percent of all households and companies are connected to a sewage network. Most of the wastewater therefore flows into the environment and pollutes rivers and lakes.

Kenya has been struggling with ever-increasing groundwater pollution for years. However, political decisions such as treatment rates or effluent levels are making very slow progress. To protect the country, some Kenyans voluntarily resort to wastewater treatment solutions. These are then both domestic and industrial systems.

Delegation from Kenya interested in ClearFox® Nature and ClearFox® DAF

The delegation from Kenya visited PPU because the Bayreuth-based company has a lot of experience in international wastewater treatment. The ClearFox® team exports about 90 percent of all systems internationally – both small domestic wastewater treatment plants and industrial containerised wastewater treatment plants.

In Kenya, in addition to the treatment of domestic wastewater, there is also a great need for solutions for the food and beverage industry. Especially slaughterhouses, which process animals from private breeding, are among the main producers of polluted wastewater in Kenya. Therefore, the delegation from Kenya was also interested in the ClearFox® dissolved air flotation systems. These are used worldwide in the food and beverage industry and clean the wastewater according to European standards until direct discharge. The focus is on the reliable removal of FOGs and the reduction of BOD5 and COD.

ClearFox Nature for Kenya

In the field of domestic wastewater treatment, the delegation from Kenya is mainly interested in the ClearFox® Nature. This is a small wastewater treatment plant that can operate completely without electrical power. Especially in Kenya, where the electricity supply is not always reliable, the ClearFox® electricity-free small wastewater treatment plant is the ideal solution for domestic wastewater treatment.

The delegation from Kenya was impressed by the solutions of PPU. Further exchanges will take place in the future to build a good and successful business relationship.

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