Blackwater recycling at a gas production plant in Iran

ClearFox® QuickOne SBR system for blackwater in Iran

Oil and gas industry

Blackwater recycling at a gas production plant in Iran

ClearFox® QuickOne SBR system for blackwater in Iran

Oil and gas industry

Project Details

Size 32 PE
Location Iran
Completed 2021

Project Delivery

Features ClearFox® QuickOne SBR system in a tank
UV disinfection system
Concrete tank


Treatment Modules ClearFox® SBR

Project Results

Before After
COD 1500 mg/l 400 mg/l
BOD 500 mg/l 25 mg/l



In countries like Iraq, Iran or the United Arab Emirates, the industrial production of oil and gas is an important economic factor. These countries are particularly dependent on the production of oil and gas. The reason for this is an increased supply of the raw materials, which is why the gas-producing industry in these countries is constantly growing. In the process, the local employees produce hygienic wastewater, which consists of blackwater from toilets and greywater from other wastewater sources. The blackwater recycling gets more and more important for these countries.


Iran is currently experiencing the worst drought in 50 years. This is particularly affecting the water industry and thus the people living in Iran. The government is therefore imposing ever stricter laws to protect the effluent water. This also affects the blackwater recycling. Companies that produce blackwater must treat it so that it is suitable for reuse.


Our long-time business partner in Iran offered the customer a ClearFox® QuickOne SBR system in a container. To protect the effluent water from the sun’s rays, our business partner installed the container seven metres underground. The blackwater produced by the company’s employees flows into this tank for recycling.

For an advanced and reliable blackwater recycling, our business partner installed a UV disinfection system next to the ClearFox® QuickOne SBR system. The irradiation of the wastewater with UV light causes a strong reduction of germs and bacteria in the blackwater. Almost 100 percent of microorganisms can be eliminated in this way. After treatment, the purified wastewater contains a BOD of 16.6 mg/l and a COD of 60 mg/l. The wastewater is collected in a concrete tank. The customer collects this in a concrete tank, which he also ordered through our business partner. This allows him to use the effluent water to irrigate his green spaces, thus complying with local regulations.

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