Containerized wastewater treatment plant

ClearFox® C30 und C50 – reliable containerized wastewater treatment plant with FBBR technology

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Technical Information


Containerized wastewater treatment plant


2010 – today




Containerized solution


30 and 50 m³/day


  • International use
  • Fast production
  • Quick on-site commissioning
  • Reliable wastewater treatment for direct discharge


  • Worker camps
  • Municipal wastewater treatment
  • Disaster areas


PPU Umwelttechnik GmbH offers containerized wastewater treatment plants under the brand name ClearFox®. These treat 30 or 50 m³ of wastewater per day, depending on the design. Since the ClearFox® team already has many years of experience in the construction of containerized wastewater treatment plants, it can provide the systems quickly.

ClearFox transport of a containerized system


A containerized wastewater treatment plant is suitable for various applications:

One area is wastewater treatment in worker camps. The mining of gold or other precious metals and military camps often create their own infrastructures, which include decentralised wastewater treatment. Often the camps are built in uninhabited and undeveloped areas, so that the containerized wastewater treatment plant only need electricity for wastewater treatment.

In addition, containerized wastewater treatment plants are suitable for municipal wastewater treatment. A municipal wastewater treatment plant can become overloaded due to new residents or companies moving in. A containerized wastewater treatment plant can expand the existing system and thus meet the limits for municipal wastewater treatment. Aging systems can also be expanded with the containerised solution.

A third area of application is disaster areas. Floods can damage the municipal wastewater treatment plant, which often means that wastewater treatment cannot be guaranteed. A containerized wastewater treatment plant starts up quickly and therefore ensures complete wastewater treatment after only a few days.


ClearFox FBBR in a containerized wastewater treatment plant

The ClearFox® solutions C30 and C50 are Containerized wastewater treatment plants that are suitable for numerous areas of application. To guarantee the best possible cleaning performance, the solutions work with the proven FBR process. This is a biological treatment process in which microorganisms break down the dirt load.

The systems only require a power connection for treatment. This allows the microorganisms contained in the wastewater to be supplied with oxygen. Through the treatment, the microorganisms respire the contaminants and thus produce secondary sludge, which can be easily separated from the clear water. This makes the wastewater suitable for direct discharge into the environment. With a containerized wastewater treatment plant, every customer can be sure to comply with their country’s discharge standards.

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