Wastewater treatment in an oil field

ClearFox® complete solution in sea containers for wastewater treatment in an oil field

Oil and gas industry

Wastewater treatment in an oil field

ClearFox® complete solution in sea containers for wastewater treatment in an oil field

Oil and gas industry

Project Details

Size 1250 m³/day
Location Egypt
Completed 2022

Project Delivery

Features Reliable treatment of a very high wastewater load
Direct discharge into the Red Sea
PPU installation team on site
Treatment Modules ClearFox® DAF
ClearFox® FBBR
ClearFox® Sludge Treatment

Project Results

Before After
COD 4300 mg/l 100 mg/l
BOD 1700 mg/l 60 mg/l



Wastewater treatment is a crucial component of oil-producing companies. Especially in Egypt, there are numerous oil drilling fields. Extraction produces wastewater that must not be allowed to flow into the environment without treatment. To protect the environment, the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea, the need for reliable wastewater treatment solutions is increasing in Egypt.

An Egyptian company operates several oil drilling fields throughout the country. One of them is located directly on the Red Sea and produces oil for global demand. In the process, it produces around 1250 m³ of wastewater per day.


The first challenge in this project was the close location to the Red Sea. This means that the groundwater level is particularly high, which is why the wastewater always has access to the sea, regardless of whether the client discharges it on land into a receiving water body or directly into the sea. Therefore, wastewater quality is particularly crucial. The protection of water quality and biodiversity are the top priorities here.

The second challenge was the very high wastewater load and the oil particles it contains. Since the wastewater is produced directly during the drilling process, it mixes with various mineral components. As a result, the sum parameters COD and BOD5 rise sharply. However, the wastewater accumulates evenly and with only rarely fluctuating loads.


For this project, PPU developed a complete solution in container design. This consists of ClearFox® DAF, ClearFox® FBBR, denitrification, ultrafiltration and a ClearFox® sludge treatment. At the beginning, a flotation separates the oil particles from the wastewater. Then the fixed-bed reactors reduce the sum parameters COD and BOD5. Ultrafiltration additionally filters the wastewater to prepare it for direct discharge. The sludge treatment system dewaters the sludge to reduce its volume.

For this project, the PPU installers worked closely with local plumbers. For several weeks, a team from the Bayreuth-based company was on site in Egypt to install and commission the treatment plant. This was done under the leadership of the PPU supervisor.

A specially developed workshop container was available to the entire team for the installation. This is equipped with a workbench and all tools necessary for the installation of the sewage treatment plants in Egypt. It is used for all installations of large projects, but this project was the first time the installers used it.

The PPU engineers were in close contact with the client. The client was increasingly involved in the implementation to implement small corrections immediately and to ensure a smooth process.

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