The PPU workshop container for smooth service and installation onsite

In addition to manufacturing the best equipment, PPU also want to provide their customers the best level of onsite support for installation and commissioning of the wastewater treatment systems. This saves the customers money on the installation and guarantees a successful installation. PPU built a workshop container to support various projects and installations in Egypt. This contains a complete tool kit with workbenches and other materials. This workshop container will be in Egypt for three years and will be used at various installation sites. 

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PPU service for wastewater treatment

For which projects is the workshop container suitable?

In this case, the workshop container will be in use on all Egyptian construction sites within the next three years. These are major projects in the oil and gas industry. Oil drilling produces up to 5,000 cubic metres of wastewater every day. This wastewater is treated by a ClearFox® containerised wastewater treatment plant, which consists of various modules such as dissolved air flotation, fixed-bed reactors, ultrafiltration, and advanced electrical oxidation. All modules are installed in containers, which are partly connected in parallel, partly in series.

Installation and commissioning will take several weeks. On the one hand, trained PPU installers will work as supervisors, and on the other hand, local experts will work together on the installation. The preparations for this have already been made: Concrete foundations for a firm and secure stand have been poured in advance. The workshop container is the central contact point for all installers. It not only contains all tools and consumables, it also guarantees compliance with all hygienic standards as well as basic supplies for all employees. 

Service is a core component of PPU

The services provided by PPU are outstanding. After purchase, every customer can be sure of owning a particularly low-maintenance wastewater treatment plant. After installation and commissioning, the ClearFox® team monitors the first runs to ensure reliable performance in normal operation. An independent team takes care of any pending maintenance work. Using remote monitoring, the service team can intervene in the cleaning process and adjust selected parameters at any time, regardless of location. In this way, the ClearFox® team ensures uncomplicated and thus cost-effective assistance. 

PPU workshop container for service

The workshop container of PPU is an outstanding example of the company’s interest in the excellent performance of its wastewater treatment plants and thus in customer satisfaction. Contact us so that we can find the best solution for you.

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