Wastewater treatment in a factory

ClearFox® FBBR and Clarifier for wastewater treatment in a factory

Sewage treatment

Wastewater treatment in a factory

ClearFox® FBBR and Clarifier for wastewater treatment in a factory

Sewage treatment

Project Details

Size 15 m³/day
Location Ireland
Completed 2018

Project Delivery

Features Complete planning of the project
Reliable, biological wastewater treatment for direct discharge
Treatment Modules ClearFox® FBBR
ClearFox® Clarifier

Project Results

Before After
BOD 500 mg/l 10 mg/l



A manufacturer of research and laboratory equipment has a production site in Ireland. More than 130 employees work there, producing about 15 m³ of hygienic wastewater every day. This is mainly produced in the toilets, washrooms and showers. The customer wanted a treatment plant for its wastewater so that it could be discharged directly into a receiving water body. As PPU already has many years of experience with wastewater treatment in a factory, it was the ideal contact for this project.


The first challenge in this project was the irregular wastewater inflow. While very little wastewater is produced at night and on weekends, the inflow is much higher on weekdays. The system therefore needed a mechanism to compensate for the fluctuating inflows.

The second challenge was the strict discharge standards of 10 mg/l BOD5, 0.4 mg/l ammonia and 0.5 mg/l phosphorus. On average, the wastewater carries a BOD5 content of 500 mg/l. The plant therefore had to be designed to deliver consistently outstanding treatment performance. The regional authorities control the directly discharged wastewater from companies very strictly, which is why the reliability of the plant was a priority.

The third challenge was the limited space available on the company premises. Right from the beginning it was clear that the plant would not find space in the production halls and would therefore be in the open area. In addition, the customer wanted a mobile system that could be moved to another location if necessary.


PPU offered the customer a ClearFox® containerised wastewater treatment plant with ClearFox® FBBR module and ClearFox® clarifier. On site, the customer set up a collection tank, which initially collects the wastewater and thus balances out the inflow peaks. After screening coarse solids, the plant pumps the wastewater into the FBBR reactor, where biological treatment takes place. Then a ClearFox® clarifier separates the clear water from the sludge. This is suitable for direct discharge.

The ClearFox® containerised wastewater treatment plants are the perfect solution for mobile wastewater treatment. Due to their compact design and high-quality materials, they are ideally suited for outdoor wastewater treatment, even under the most adverse environmental conditions. For this project, the ClearFox® team took over the complete planning of the project, the assembly, delivery, installation, commissioning, and training of the employees.

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