Treatment Plant for Samsung Heavy Industries, Nigeria

Treatment Plant ClearFox® modular container system

ClearFox® treatment plant for Samsung
ClearFox treatment plant for Samsung heavy industries
ClearFox Nigeria treatment plant


wastewater treatment plant for Samsung Heavy Industries




Lagos, Nigeria, Africa



Effluent quality

Discharge to the environment



Heavy Industries / Shipping


This treatment plant is strategically placed on an island offshore, to deal with large oil and cargo ships and was therefore off the local infrastructural grid. Wastewater treatment of approx. 2000 employees on site was required, with an average BOD of approximately 350mg/l and a COD of approximately 700mg/l/


Remote location on an uninhabited island, requiring speedy installation and little construction on site, due to the limited timespan. Climate being extreme with high temperatures and humidity.


A wastewater treatment plant was designed with eight preinstalled 20ft ISO sea containers. These can easily be shipped internationally and are robust allowing for road transport to remote and challenging site locations.

The wastewater treatment system runs completely automatically and there is no need for chemicals or other consumables. Furthermore no specialist operator skills are required to operate this system.

Fluctuations in the flow of wastewater due to changing numbers of employees on site are easily and automatically compensated for. Wastewater is cleaned to European standard to permit safe discharge to the environment.

This system can be adopted to the growth of the factory complex  and changing needs as it is modular. Should there be a need for higher capacities then additional containers can be added. The plant can also be easily moved if required, to be used at a different location, if the growth of the factory complex requires a relocation.

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