Sludge Management

Sludge management
Sludge treatment system

Why is sludge management needed? Sludge is a byproduct of many wastewater treatment process technologies. In municipal wastewater treatment there can be some sludge or waste material from pretreatment and screening. Also there is secondary sludge from the biological process. Regardless of whether you implement FBBR, MBBR, MBR or any other biological wastewater treatment process, you will have sludge. The bigger the project the more waste activated sludge you have. There are various methods of sludge management. Here you can find ClearFox® Sludge Treatment solution.

With industrial wastewater treatment the same situation occurs. However as many industrial waste waters have a much higher pollution load, pretreatment via dissolved air flotation is often used. This means that sludge production from an industrial project can be much larger than with the municipal wastewater treatment project.

For small projects wet sludge can be collected in sludge storage tanks. It can also be aerated me storage tanks and stabilised. Wet sludge can be removed intermittently by vacuum tanker truck by local waste collection company. With larger projects this is not financially viable. In these situations the goal is to reduce as much as possible the volume of sludge that needs to be transported off site for disposal. In these situations are ClearFox® sludge management solution can be implemented.

Our specialist technicians can review your project details and determine the best method to manage your sludge, because the composition of sludge varies with every single application and industry. Through a combination of chemical pretreatment thickeners and presses, we can reduce sludge volumes by up to 90%. Our solutions guarantee automatic operation, resulting in market leading OPEX costs.

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