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Gunter Martelock

Here is a story told by our salesman Gunter about how he traveled to Nigeria and successfully installed our  wastewater treatment ClearFox® containerized system there.

ClearFox® treatment plant for Samsung
ClearFox in Lagos

After 9 days of quarantine and waiting for the covid-19 test results in Lagos Nigeria, we were allowed to start working at the Samsung Heavy Industries Plant in Nigeria. This plant is strategically placed on an island offshore, to deal with large ships and was therefore off the local infrastructural grid.

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Lagos ClearFox

The first thing that hit me was the heat of standard 30 degrees Celsius and the high humidity, which was challenging.

ClearFox connection
ClearFox prepare

The first day was spent checking the foundation, setting up the containers and connecting the containers according to the site plans. The second day we started with attaching the dome shafts and piping connections for the blowers to the aerated buffer, as well as the Fixed Bed Bio Reactors and doing the foam piping connections.

Clearfox fbr for shi

On the third day we installed the blowers in the tech room, installed the screen and sensors and did the electrical connections to the tech room.

ClearFox Installation
ClearFox test

Day four was the test day, so all containers were filled with water to check that piping connections were not leaking and to test, blower and screen functions.

ClearFox Test

The fifth day was spent setting up the clarifier and sludge modules, as well as checking the system in manual operation and once approved, initiating the auto mode.

Clearfox checking

The system operators were then instructed with the operation of the system and the official commissioning and handing over of the WWTP was done.

ClearFox Nigeria treatment plant

This was really a very interesting project, across language and cultural barriers, isolated geographically and with covid-19 present at all times. I had a great time working with highly professional people, who always had my wellbeing in mind.

ClearFox treatment plant for Samsung heavy industries

I thank Samsung, GlobalPack and its employees for the friendship that we now share.

Clearfox Samsung friendship

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