Oil Field Worker Town, Libya

Waste water treatment with ClearFox® modular container system

waste water treatment Containerized system
Containerized system for wastewater treatment inside
wwtp wastewater treatment plant




Libya, Africa



Effluent quality

Discharge to holding tank for irrigation and reuse


Fixed Bed Bioreactor
Chlorine dosing
UV Desinfection
Sand Filter



Messla Oil Field is approx.. 600 km south of Bengasi. The existing sewage plant in Messla was out of service and redundant, which resulted in the replacement with a Clearfox containerized plant. Waste water from these applications normally has a BOD of approximately 350mg/l and a COD of approximately 700mg/l/


Remote location, requiring utmost reliability of treatment and quick installation, with minimal construction on site. Ultra high temperature, continual strong winds and sandstorms.


containerized wwtpA waste water treatment system which is preinstalled in 20ft ISO sea containers, to be shipped internationally and robust to be easily transported by road to any remote or challenging site location.

The system operates automatically without the need for any chemicals or consumables. No specialist operator skills are required to operate the waste water treatment plant, as it is completely automatic.

Fluctuations in the flow of waste water due to changing numbers of employees on site are easily and automatically compensated for. Waste water is cleaned to European standard to permit safe discharge for irrigation and additionally for reuse.

This system is modular and can be adopted to the town growth and changing needs, or can be moved if required, to be used at a different location without problems.

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