FBBR wastewater treatment plant for a hotel


ClearFox® FBBR wastewater treatment plant for a hotel in Greece

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ClearFox delivery of a wastewater treatment plant

Technical Information


FBBR wastewater treatment plant for a hotel






200 m³/hr


ClearFox® fixed-bed bio reactor with clarifier, installed in rotationally moulded tanks


  • Delivery of the technology in rotationally moulded tanks
  • Fast start-up of the biological cleaning process


Hotel sector


A customer in Greece asked for an FBBR treatment plant for a hotel to treat the wastewater produced there. The hotel produces around 200 m³ of wastewater per day. This is on the one hand sanitary wastewater from the rooms, and on the other hand wastewater from the hotel’s own laundry. The hotel also has two restaurants where wastewater is produced in the kitchens. The aim of the project was to discharge the treated wastewater directly into the Mediterranean Sea.

ClearFox rotationally moulded tanks


The challenge in this project was the different inflows and thus the different dissolved and non-dissolved substances in the wastewater. The sewage has a high organic load, combined with increased COD and BOD5. The wastewater from the kitchen contains suspended solids such as fats and oils. The customer wanted a solution with biological wastewater treatment. Since this produces secondary sludge, the plant must separate this from the clear water.

The second challenge was the seasonal fluctuations. Especially in the summer months, more wastewater is produced due to a high number of guests. The wastewater treatment plant must therefore be able to compensate for these fluctuations.


ClearFox lamella clarifier

For this project, the ClearFox® team offered a wastewater treatment plant with fixed-bed technology. This consists of net tubes, which have a growth area of between 100 and 150 m² per cubic metre. The microorganisms present in the wastewater settle and grow on this surface. These clean the wastewater and form the secondary sludge that settles on the bottom of the clear water. To separate both, a ClearFox® lamella clarifier is the ideal solution.

However, the customer did not want a plug & play containerised treatment plant, but only the components to set up the plant themselves on site. Therefore, the ClearFox® engineers developed a concept to implement the customer’s wishes in the best possible way. For the fixed-bed technology, the ClearFox® team offers rotationally moulded tanks in which the blocks are installed. These are particularly stable because they have no predetermined breaking point.

Therefore, the ClearFox® team supplied two different types of rotationally moulded tanks – one for the fixed-bed technology, the other for the lamella clarifiers. In addition, the customer received detailed instructions on how to build the tanks himself and what special features he had to pay attention to. The exact connections and the timely discharge of the wastewater into the treatment plant were important. After installation and commissioning, the biological treatment performance started very quickly, so that the customer was able to discharge the wastewater directly after only a few days.

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