Mobile water treatment for a worker camp in Iraq



ClearFox® containerized wastewater treatment plant for reliable and mobile water treatment

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mobile water treatment
mobile water treatment


Worker camp mobile water treatment systems






ClearFox® containerized mobile water treatment system


200PE, 200PE & 400PE

Effluent quality

20mg/l BOD, 30mg/l TSS, disinfection, irrigation standard


C50 and C30


High quality, modular and mobile


Oil and gas worker camp


There is increasing global focus on the protection of water from pollution. For many large construction projects there can be significant numbers of staff mobilized just sites for construction activities. Often these sites have no existing mobile water treatment solutions for the workers. This was the situation for a large worker camp in Iraq for the construction of a refinery. The local Environmental Protection Agency required all construction site wastewater to be cleaned to a very high standard before being discharged into the environment.


The construction company wanted a reliable and robust modular and containerized solution that could be installed on site very easily to clean construction site wastewater.

While there are many solutions available on the market, the client was focused on purchasing a containerized and mobile water treatment system that was CE marked and designed in accordance with European design standards. The client wanted to purchase a system that would work and that would achieve the required effluent standards to well compliance with the discharge requirements.


After a technical review of many solutions available on the market, the solution from ClearFox® was selected. Complete plug and play, modular, containerized and mobile water treatment solutions we’re built for this project. The containerized wastewater treatment systems are fully CSC certified to allow international transport.

Also, our logistics team were able to work with the customer to get all of the necessary approvals to import the equipment into Iraq. Our technical team brown hand to assist with the design of site preparation works replacement of the containers, and installation setup was done remotely by video link with our installation team bye the clients local skilled construction workers. in this way, the client did not just purchase in off the shelf product from us, they received a complete solution with support available at every stage of the project.

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