ClearFox® SBR Standard Kit

ClearFox® SBR Standard is a range of SBR equipment kits that are designed for cleaning municipal wastewater. The SBR kits designed, manufactured and supplied by ClearFox® can be installed in a locally manufactured tank. The SBR Standard process technology can be installed in tanks of any material and shape, and can be designed to achieve any required effluent values. SBR standard equipment kits are available for populations of 4 persons to 1,000 persons. Larger SBR kits are designed individually.


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sbr standart kit

Cost-effective biological wastewater treatment

SBR standard kits are available with nitrification, denitrification, sterilisation and phosphorous elimination. So regardless of the effluent standard you need to achieve, we can meet it with our wastewater treatment solutions. We have EN12566 certification for our range of SBR systems.

For tank manufacturers who want to combine their tanks with wastewater treatment process technology, ClearFox® SBR kits are a perfect solution with very low tanks volumes needed compared to other process technologies.

For wastewater treatment projects (schools, hotels, residential, etc) the SBR equipment represents a highly efficient process technology. Market leading effluent standards combined with the lowest OPEX and CAPEX makes the ClearFox® SBR an excellent choice for efficient wastewater treatment.


Market leading effluent standards and low running costs make the ClearFox® SBR systems one of the most efficient and effective solutions for municipal and commercial wastewater treatment. SBR kits offer a totally flexible solution and can be installed in above or below ground tanks of any chape, material and dimensions. No other process technology has such flexibility.

  • Simple kit transport on pallets
  • By using high quality components, we guarantee continual and trouble-free operation
  • Rapid and simple kit installation and assembly
  • Operation is fully automatic
  • Due to an integrated energy saving mode, the sewage treatment plant adapts to the actual sewage volume, which saves energy
  • The plants work according to the proven SBR principle with clog-free and maintenance-free airlift-pumps
  • No electrical and rotating parts in the wastewater that could clog or block
  • Dimensioning of the plants according to DIN EN 12566-3 or according to ATV/DWA M-210 and CE
  • Bestseller in Europe
  • Industry leading effluent quality
  • Lowest energy consumption on the market
  • Odour free and quiet operation
ClearFox blower for SBR system
ClearFox SBR solution
  • Does not run constantly, resulting in very small power consumption relative to standard aeration systems
  • Extended desludging intervals due to sludge stabilisation
  • No moving parts in the tank
  • Entire process powered by air compressor
  • 30% less sludge production than competitor systems
  • SBR is a controlled process as wastewater is treated in batches – allowing for extremely high effluent quality
  • Any effluent standard can be achieved with additional chemical dosing (e.g. P elimination), UV treatment (disinfection) etc. all easily added via the PLC
  • Process control allows to achieve any required effluent quality with nitrification, denitrification, P reduction, UV disinfection etc.
  • Designed according to DIN EN 12566-3 and DWA design criteria
  • Market leading in treatment efficiency and low power consumption
  • Simple modification of the process via PLC if necessary


How does a ClearFox® SBR Standard wastewater plant work?

SBR Standard refers to sequential batch reactor. This technology is a controlled wastewater treatment process. Batches of wastewater undergo treatment in sequence. This control process allows each batch of wastewater to undergo treatment for any required time frame. This enables the achievement of any level of treatment as a result.

In brief, the typical steps in the SBR standard kit process are as follows:
The activated sludge treatment plant with SBR has an upstream coarse separator that serves as storage for the primary and secondary sludge and to buffer the inlet water. Sludge filling and Clearwater extraction are completed by means of airlift pumps. The plants control system recognises four main states in the Normal cycle.

The is SBR Cycle is variable and changes can be made to the duration, frequency and arrangement of the phases.

  1. Filling phase: the sewage enters the first chamber and any large solids are retained. The filling pump then conveys wastewater into the second chamber which is the biological reactor.
  2. Purification/Aeration stage: The wastewater is circulated in the SBR reactor using air fed by the membrane plates and the bacteria are supplied with oxygen, thus supporting the actual biological treatment by microorganisms. Short aeration and non-aeration stages (for denitrification) alternate and are controlled by the computer software. An activated sludge grows with millions of microorganisms which completely break down the wastewater.
  3. Sedimentation/settling stage: A rest phase follows. The activated sludge sinks (sedimentation) to the bottom of the water column. This allows a clarified water zone to form at the top of the reactor chamber.
  4. Clearwater extraction stage: A clearwater pump conveys the purified wastewater that remains above the “clearwater discharge point” to the plant outlet, lowering the water level in the reactor. The settled activated sludge is then transferred back into the first chamber and the process repeats with the next batch of wastewater.

A complete purification cycle takes approximately 7 hours

Energy-saving cycle: The purification cycle programme continues running unabated, but with a shorter aeration phase, which reduces the amount of energy required. Depending on the inlet quantity to the prechamber, the programme then decides fully automatically, whether the energy- saving cycle should continue, or whether it should switch back to normal operating mode.

wastewater treatment process

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