Hotel wastewater treatment system

ClearFox® SBR system for the treatment of domestic wastewater from a holiday hotel

Domestic wastewater treatment

Hotel wastewater treatment system

ClearFox® SBR system for the treatment of domestic wastewater from a holiday hotel

Domestic wastewater treatment

Project Details

Size 100 PE
Location Greece
Completed 2020

Project Delivery

Features Outstanding service
Fast installation on site
Treatment Modules ClearFox® SBR

Project Results

Before After
COD 800 mg/l 70 mg/l
BOD 400 mg/l 35 mg/l



Greece is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world – almost eight million tourists travel to the country on the Mediterranean every year. Therefore, there are numerous hotels and holiday accommodations, which is why a hotel wastewater treatment system is particularly important for each accommodation. Especially in the coastal regions of Greece, the treated wastewater often flows directly into the environment or into the sea. Therefore, the wastewater treatment must be particularly reliable in order not to harm the environment.

A holiday hotel in Greece planned to modernise its wastewater treatment plant. The reason for this was an expansion of the accommodation, which is why more people visit the facility. The previous system could not cope with the new conditions. Therefore, the owner asked PPU to build a larger, more modern and reliable system. Since the ClearFox® team already has a lot of experience in cleaning hotel wastewater, this request was not a challenge for the company.


The challenge here was the rapid, underground installation. Since the holiday accommodation is visited almost all year round, the installation and commissioning had to be completed quickly. The wastewater is not only grey or black water; due to the catering business food residues can also be in the wastewater, which must not enter the hotel wastewater treatment system. In addition, the treatment plant had to be designed in such a way that the treated wastewater can flow into a receiving water body without further treatment.


PPU offered the customer a ClearFox® SBR system for underground installation in concrete tanks. The Bayreuth-based company had this manufactured on site and delivered directly to the customer. They installed the tanks underground only a few hundred metres from the resort. They installed the SBR system, which was tailored to the size of the tanks, inside.

The wastewater first passes through a mechanical screen to filter out coarse solids. Then it flows, evenly distributed, into the SBR tanks. There, wastewater treatment takes place in four phases: After the first, coarser solids have settled in the tank, the system aerates the wastewater to supply the microorganisms with oxygen. These convert the dissolved substances into secondary sludge, which also settles at the bottom. Energy-efficient airlift pumps convey the clear water to the outside, where it can be discharged into the environment.

In this project, the customer benefited from an outstanding service provided by PPU. The ClearFox® team took over the planning, the production of the SBR system, organised the shipping, installed the system on site, commissioned it and trained the responsible employees of the holiday resort. Even during the entire operation, the ClearFox® service team is always available to the customer for questions or concerns. Thus, the customer received an outstanding product with an outstanding service.

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