Treatment plant for domestic wastewater

ClearFox® QuickOne SBR-Kit – ideal treatment plant for domestic wastewater

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ClearFox control unit for domestic wastewater treatment

Technical Information


Treatment plant for domestic wastewater






16 PE


SBR kit for installation in plastic tanks


  • Direct discharge
  • Below-ground installation
  • Reliable wastewater treatment


A customer from Estonia was looking for a treatment plant for domestic wastewater to ensure wastewater treatment for a newly built house. For this, he turned to PPU, as the Bayreuth-based company has over 15 years of experience in domestic wastewater treatment. The house has a capacity of 16 PE. The sewage treatment plant for this was to be installed underground if possible.

ClearFox QuickOne SBR-Kit


The challenge in this project was the customer’s wish to discharge the treated wastewater directly into the environment. This requires particularly reliable wastewater treatment, as – especially in the case of below-ground solutions – it is difficult to intervene in the system.

ClearFox control cabinet


The ideal solution for this project was a ClearFox® QuickOne SBR kit for installation in a plastic tank. For this, the customer requested the SBR kit to be installed independently in a tank, which he had produced locally. For this purpose, the ClearFox® team provided him with all the information and drawings to start up the treatment plant for domestic wastewater on his own. For this purpose, the customer also received training at PPU to be able to install future solutions independently.

With the ClearFox® QuickOne SBR kit, PPU also supplied a control unit that guarantees reliable wastewater treatment. This can react individually to higher or lower loads and adjust the treatment performance.

The tank, which the customer had produced locally, consists of two chambers: A buffer tank and a biological reactor. The buffer tank first balances the flow peaks. In addition, the coarse solids settle there. Then the wastewater enters the biological reactor, where it is aerated. This allows the microorganisms to break down the contaminant load in a controlled manner. After treatment, the wastewater is suitable for direct discharge into the environment.

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