Trafalgar fisheries, fish processing factory in UK

wastewater treatment with ClearFox® DAF system



Trafalgar fisheries, fish processing factory




United Kingdom


Food and beverage


A large freshwater fish processing facility needed to upgrade their industrial wastewater treatment plant in order to comply with new regulations for discharge of wastewater into a nearby watercourse/river. Increases in production meant that the existing wastewater treatment system was no longer performing. A very small space was available, and a modular containerized system was requested by the client.


The solution comprised multiple treatment steps. The first step was a mechanical screen to remove all solids >3mm in size from the wastewater. Next was an equalisation tank to balance peak flows from end of day CIP and other periods of high-water usage. This was followed by a high efficiency DAF module to adjust pH, chemically pre-treat, and flocculate the wastewater prior to flotation. Effluent from the DAF module was then biologically treated to bring the BOD to below 20mg/l.


The main advantages of the offered solution were small footprint, rapid offsite manufacture with delivery 6 weeks after order, and a highly efficient system with low OPEX costs compared to competitor solutions. Also, as there is no skilled operator onsite, the system was controlled by PLC allowing fully automatic system operation.


PPU conducted an initial site visits, followed by design and planning of the system. Our technicians completed the installation on collaboration with our local partner in the UK. Full training and handover were completed by PPU after system start-up and optimisation.

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