Wastewater treatment system for a hotel in Mauritius

Containerized sewage treatment plant ClearFox®

containerized sewage treatment plant






ClearFox®containerized sewage treatment plant


300 m³/d; 15 m³/h

Effluent quality

Suitable for direct maritime discharge according to European standard


Screw screen

Fixed bed biological reactor FBR



Fast delivery and installation All requirements successfully met

Suitable for fluctuating wastewater volumes


Hotel, Holiday area


In Mauritius, during the last 30 years, no great importance has been attached to environmental protection. In order to avoid a deterioration of this paradise and to strengthen the environmental awareness of the population as well as of the companies, the Mauritian government has decided on a program for the development and management of waste water in the years 2014 – 2033.

This is intended to promote environmental protection and thus preserve and protect ecosystems.


Hotels and other companies are obliged to think about their wastewater disposal, which currently takes place by discharge into the sea.

In addition, due to increased environmental awareness, many holidaymakers are now also paying attention to ecological values when choosing their accommodation.

As a company that depends on healthy and functioning ecosystems and is thus committed to environmental protection, it was a matter of course to protect the surrounding waters from excessive nutrient input through the discharge of untreated wastewater.


Mauritius is considered a holiday paradise. To preserve this paradise, the Hotel Le Meridien decided to install a ClearFox® sewage treatment plant. With the effective and cost-saving plant technology, the hotel is playing a pioneering role in wastewater treatment. The plant is designed in such a way that it permanently complies with and falls below the European limit values for direct discharge into water bodies.

Due to the environmentally conscious treatment of the waste water produced in the hotel and the direct discharge into the Indian Ocean, not only a professional disposal is possible, but also the ecosystems and marine life are sustainably protected.

The compact containerized sewage treatment plant consists of solids separation, biological treatment and a lamella separator as secondary clarifier.


  • Automatic screening screw for solids separation
  • Biological treatment
  • Lamella separator
  • Capacity: 300 m³/d, 15 m³/h
  • Input: Hotel waste water
  • Edition: European Standard for Direct Discharge – Class C

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