Gold mining wastewater treatment

ClearFox® FBBR process for gold mining wastewater treatment

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ClearFox gold mining wastewater treatment solution

Technical Information


Gold mining wastewater treatment






ClearFox® containerized wastewater treatment plant


50 m³/day


  • Quick start-up of the biological cleaning performance
  • Air conditioning to maintain the perfect temperature


Gold mining and the extraction of rare precious metals are widespread in Mali. Therefore, workers’ camps are being built in numerous regions, in which the employees live to mine gold. The infrastructure that is created in the process also concerns, above all, the gold mining wastewater treatment. The treatment of sanitary wastewater is crucial to be able to discharge it into the environment after purification. For this purpose, a gold mining company asked PPU for a mobile wastewater treatment plant.

ClearFox screen screw for wastewater treatment


The first challenge in this project is the regional situation. The workers’ village has no urban infrastructure, which is why the treatment plant had to operate as self-sufficiently as possible. The second challenge is the heat in the West African country. With the favoured biological treatment, the microorganisms only treat the wastewater within a certain temperature range.


ClearFox FBBR for mining wastewater treatment

A ClearFox® containerised wastewater treatment plant is best suited for gold mining wastewater treatment. This consists of three main components: A screw screen, an FBBR module and a lamella clarifier. In addition, ClearFox® engineers installed an air conditioning system to maintain the optimal temperature for treatment.

The ClearFox® containerised wastewater treatment plant is ideally suited for gold mining wastewater treatment. For perfect treatment, all it needs is a level site and a power supply, as well as the wastewater inlet and an outlet for the treated water. The biological treatment capacity is ramped up within a few days so that the wastewater can be discharged directly into the environment.

The ClearFox® FBBR process is a highly efficient solution for biological wastewater treatment. The cascaded fixed bed material consists of a growth material with a specific surface area. As a result, the microorganisms grow quickly so that the treatment process achieves outstanding purification performance. The screen screw removes the first coarse solids that must not enter the treatment plant. The downstream lamella clarifier separates the sludge produced during treatment from the clear water so that it can be discharged into the environment without any further treatment step.

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