ClearFox® registers a utility model for dissolved air flotation (DAF)

This ClearFox dissolved air flotation system opens up new avenues of advanced wastewater treatment. We are pleased to present a utility model describing a powerful and efficient product.

Dr.-Ing. Sabine Düreth-Joneck R&D Manager PPU Umwelttechnik GmbH

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DAF Dissolved Air FlotationDissolved air flotation is a process known as the separation of oil, grease, suspended solids and floatable substances from waste water. The wastewater is continuously fed into a flotation tank or reactor. The pipe system feeding the flotation tank can also be used to dose additives, in particular pH-regulating additives, flocculants or flocculation aids and/or foam stabilisers. Suitable additives can be mixed with the incoming wastewater automatically, whereby the control device can control the addition, for example, as a sensor data recording function.

PPU has never stopped innovating and due to the need for more wastewater treatment solutions, our team has decided to add a new design of ClearFox® DAF to our product range.

Dissolved Air Flotation ClearFox® DAF is a modular unit designed for highly effective treatment of all types of industrial wastewater. ClearFox® DAF is a flexible solution that can be applied for a wide range of wastewater applications.

The extremely robust, compact design sets the ClearFox® DAF dissolved air flotation unit apart from the competition. Its ease of use and cost-effectiveness make this system particularly popular. It is available as a stand-mounted or as a complete container.  These systems have been installed in many large European food processing plants and in industrial wastewater treatment systems all over the world. ClearFox® DAF units can be supplied together with other ClearFox® modules as part of a larger solution or as stand-alone solutions.

Short interview with Dr.-Ing. Sabine Düreth-Joneck R&D Manager PPU Umwelttechnik GmbH will explain in more detail what makes the new ClearFox® DAF special.

Why have we registered utility models?

We have registered the ClearFox® DAF utility model to gain a small competitive advantage, because the utility model has at least a small protective effect – it describes how the system works, which parts are attached to the system. And if you want to copy it, you have to build it differently.

What’s so special about the new Dissolved Air Flotation from ClearFox®?

The new Dissolved Air Flotation ClearFox® DAF is a Rectangular. Although in the past we always pushed back the quadrangular in favour of our smaller, round DAF, now we have found the best way to use the volume of the quadrangular DAF. And the border effect has been minimised by the size of the system. Also, special cable routing can be seen in our utility model. Another special feature of our products is the container configuration. All of our modules such as the FBBR or technical module, clarifiers, etc. are placed in containers, so they fit perfectly together and offer the perfect opportunity to position them where desired.

How will the new DAF design benefit PPU?

New ClearFox® DAF allows four Dissolved Air Flotation units to be operated in parallel. There is the option to combine different containers with each other and thus treat more than 2000 m³ of wastewater per day.

PPU Umwelttechnik has registered the following features of the ClearFox® DAF utility model:

Equipment for dissolved air flotation, in particular airlift-operated, with a flotation container made of plastic, in particular accommodated in an ISO container.

The invention relates to equipment for dissolved air flotation, comprising:

  • an inlet for the supply of water loaded with foreign substances,
  • an outlet for discharging treated water,
  • a conveying device arranged to convey the water from the inlet to the outlet via a flotation vessel hydraulically connected to the inlet and the outlet,
  • supersaturation means adapted to supersaturate water supplied to the flotation tank during operation of the equipment with gas to provide gas bubbles for dissolved air flotation, and
  • a froth drain to remove froth and/or sludge from a surface of the water in the flotation tank during operation of the equipment.

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