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Waste water treatment with ClearFox® Container flotation

Abwasserreinigung mit container flatation






ClearFox® Container flotation


The facility collects wastewater from cleaning animal enclosures and slaughtering areas in a buffer tank (~25m³/wastewater daily). The cleaning process produces highly concentrated organic compounds. The wastewater should needs to be  treated biologically/chemically in order to discharge it into the public sewage system according to the facility discharge consent.

As the outlet parameters must meet strict effluent requirements, an additional biological step and secondary sedimentation is implemented downstream.
In addition, sludge dewatering is required, where residual water is drained from the accruing DAF sludge.


  1. Homogenisation and mixing of the industrial wastewater, including check of filling level.
  2. Chemical splitting of dissolved and hard fats and surfactants in the cleaning wastewater with coagulation aid and chemical decomposition products which are fed in precise doses in fully automated cycles into a pressure release flotation.
  3. Sludge dewatering and conditioning of the flotation sludge with dewatering bags, if possible easy to handle and cost-efficient
  4. Compact construction in order to fit the entire cleaning technology in one container.


waste water threament - pH Regulation
CF – pH Regulation

Mixing the equalisation tank with aeration via air compressor, pressure release flotation for chemical coagulation precipitation of decomposable wastewater ingredients. Bioreactor with fixed-bed biology, secondary sedimentation with lamella technology and sedimentation technology with subsequent removal of the secondary sludge.


The wastewater is already pre-cleaned mechanically through filtering by the customer. It then enters a buffer tank, which was upgraded with mixing and aeration with big bubble aeration.

Pre-decomposition can be controlled here, the sludge must be removed. The waste water treatment container plant is filled via a level sensor, depending on the water level in the buffer. Corresponding to the wastewater supply, the mixed wastewater is pumped in cycles from the tank with low-wear raw wastewater pump, and led to the flotation reactor.

Anlagensteuerung der Kläranlage

The separation of the industrial pollutants in the wastewater is accomplished here by adding chemicals. By adding a coagulation aid, floating and separation of the floatable material is achieved.
Then, the resulting slaughterhouse DAF sludge flows into the gravity pipeline from the container plant into big bag sludge dewatering, which is placed outside, and alternately filled. This way, the flotation sludge water is dewatered via filter bags.

Waste water treament - Dewatering in a big-bag

These filter bags and the entire waste water treatment system can be operated easily manually and their bags can be transported easily via the fork lift receptacle for manual or electronic forklifts.

The entire waste water container is designed to be very compact and space-saving in order to accommodate the entire technology in as efficient and user-friendly a manner as possible. The interior of the container is aired continuously and the room temperature is kept at an optimal level. The solution represents a compact and efficient way to treat wastewater from an abattoir.

This ensures a fault-free operation while considering easy maintenance and operation in a confined space.


  1. Cost-efficient solution due to container construction requiring no site works
  2. Optimised outlet parameters, guaranteed to meet the municipal outlet effluent levels
  3. Compact, mobile and stand-alone container solution
  4. Simple and time-saving operation and/or maintenance requirement


industrial waste water treatment system design, construction dimensioning (concrete and tank layout). Site visit for commissioning
ClearFox Container – Flotation with biology and secondary sedimentation

ClearFox Container–Sludge Dewatering „Big Bag“ → Sludge dewatering ( dual system with transportable fork lift constructions )

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