Leasing Wastewater Equipment

ClearFox® container wastewater treatment plants can easily be leased. They are built up modularly for the respective application and the required process quality, and can be expanded at any time. Installed in ISO sea containers, they are quickly available on site and ready for operation. Depending on requirements, our services include all components from delivery to commissioning and instruction of the operating personnel to dismantling the system. Services for maintenance and repairs can also be taken over.


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Equipment Available for Leasing


ClearFox® modular wastewater treatment systems are perfect for leasing applications.

leasing wastewater treatmentThe features of our modular systems are:

  • Delivered and installed quickly (plug & play)
  • No infrastructure or building necessary; just a solid base to set up the containers
  • Modular
  • Flexible for changes and extensions
  • Mobile and compact
  • Can be leased and reused in other locations
  • Robust in operation and automatic operation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Low power consumption and operating costs, which results in a small, ecological footprint
  • Approved process technology that is easy to understand
  • Guaranteed cleaning process and compliance with local regulations
  • Completely made in Germany with guarantee

The Process Technology

The process technology utilized depends on the specific wastewater treatment leasing application.

Industrial wastewater treatmentFor municipal wastewater treatment applications, the solution may incorporate the use of fixed bed biological treatment modules or tertiary treatment modules for denitrification, P elimination, etc. This will depend on whether the project is for temporary wastewater treatment during maintenance of an existing wastewater treatment plant, or whether the add on modules are required to achieve compliance for a non performing wastewater treatment plant.

For industrial applications, leasing may be for pretreatment equipment such as dissolved air flotation, or for add on biological treatment modules to achieve compliance with discharge licenses and consents. In addition to offering equipment for lease, we also offer complete upgrades for industrial wastewater treatment plants across all sectors, from food and beverage to pharmaceutical. Pilot scale wastewater treatment systems can also be designed to deal with difficult to treat wastewaters.

Our flexible, modular solutions ensure that we can implement a solution on time and on budget in order to meet any specific requirement.

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