Industrial Wastewater Treatment Systems

Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Industrial Wastewater Treatment is the process of managing and treating wastewater from industrial applications. Industrial waste water can be far more concentrated than typical wastewater or sewage, with far higher BOD and COD concentrations.

We specialize in treating such effluent, thus ensuring that stringent discharge regulations are met and water is recovered and recycled. Recycling wastewater reduces pressure on the environment and your finances.

Examples of applications that have the potential to generate waste water include, but are not limited to the following industries:

  • Food processing
  • Agricultural processes
  • Breweries
  • Wineries
  • Mining
  • Wash water from any activity and process effluent

Clearfox is a recognised market leader in the design, manufacture and supply of industrial wastewater treatment plants and industrial wastewater treatment process development.

We provide intelligent solutions for industrial wastewater treatment:

  • ensuring that they meet the stringent discharge compliances
  • to recover and recycle water that can be reused in:
    • cooling towers
    • irrigation
    • washing water
    • process water
  • to recover and recycle water from municipal sewage

Recycling wastewater reduces pressure on the environment and your finances.

Our solutions are based on:

  • finding a good compromise between features of the plant (e.g. degree of automation)
  • the regulatory requirements (discharge concentrations)
  • previous optimisation measures or operational procedures adjustments (in-plant measures to reduce wastewaters)

This allows the Clearfox team of experts to assist you and to guarantee an economically successful solution, based on your requirements.

ClearFox® Industrial Wastewater Technologies are:

  • Clarification / Filtration
  • Physical / Chemical Treatment
  • High performance biological treatment
  • Membrane filtration
  • Heavy metals removal
  • Oil / water separation
  • dissolved air flotation
  • sand filters
  • flocculation
  • polymer addition
  • along with other forms of primary and tertiary treatment

along with other forms of primary and tertiary

We produce all core components in-house, such as Flotation plants, Bioreactors, Sludge dewatering plants and Chemical-physical plants for precipitation and flocculation.


Fish processing

The wastewater contamination fluctuates, with a high percentage of organic material


Fruit juice, wineries

here is a high fluctuation with seasonal peaks.


Meat processing

Blood, product remains and fats result in highly contaminated wastewater ...


Dairy processing

Flexible performance with large blower units

Fish Industry and Fish Processing

Produktionsreste entfernen

The first step involves the removal of production solid wastes.

Fishing industry wastewater is highly contaminated. In general, it contains fish remains, cooking oils, proteins, spices, vegetables as well as sugar, vinegar and colouring agents. However the exact composition depends on the source / product:

  • Herring processing
  • Fresh fish processing
  • Delicatessen processing
  • Freezing process
  • Salmon substitute production

The wastewater contamination fluctuates, with a high percentage of organic material (undissolved remains, greases, proteins) and with high concentrations of chlorine, cleaning and disinfection agents.

The Clearfox team has built several compact plants on the Adriatic coast and the Baltic Sea, which meet the high effluent requirements for coastal waters.

Fruit Juice, Wineries

Dosierung der zugegeben Substanzen

Additives are precisely measured out.

In this type of industry, wastewater is produced intermittently. There is high fluctuation with seasonal peaks and long lull periods. During these lull periods, the wastewater can be highly contaminated and might only be cleanable with additional measures, due to the poor nutrient situation.

Ingredients differ greatly, depending on the processed product and the season. The Clearfox Team has built numerous compact batch plants which are successfully operated in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Germany.

Meat Processing, Slaughterhouses, Butchers

Steuerung einer Kläranlage

Complete treatment processes are reproduced in the control unit.

In this industry, blood, product remains and fats result in highly contaminated wastewater, which is often additionally contaminated by the delivery and intermediate keeping of the animals for slaughter.

The following classic ClearFox products can be used in this area:

  • Sieving
  • Ventilated blending and buffer tank
  • Pressure release flotation
  • High performance biological treatment
  • Sludge removal
  • Sludge dewatering

Depending on the size of the production facility, the Clearfox Team can offer:

  • a small compact mobile sewage treatment plant
  • a retrofitting solution combined with using existing tanks

Dairy Processing

Compressor of a dairy wastewater treatment plant

Flexible performance with large blower units

In dairy industry, the wastewater differs significantly depending on the raw materials used (whey powder, fresh milk) and the product offered.

The wastewater is characterised by its low nutrient value, product remains, washing water and highly disinfected content.

Over the past 20 years, the Clearfox Team has successfully designed many plants all over Europe. Examples vary from a small Swiss mountain cheese producer to a large milk combine dairy in Eastern Europe.

Process Wastewater, highly organically contaminated

industrial wastewater treatment

Preparation of the substances which are added to the wastewater

We are experts in our trade and can even provide solutions for cleaning highly organically contaminated wastewater. We have accumulated much specialized know-how in this field over the decades and our team has a high level of expertise. We can decontaminate via phase transformation or via high performance biological treatment.

ClearFox® Flotation with sludge dewatering in waste water containers

Wastewater Treatment Plant for Hotel in Mauritius

Lebensmittelindustrie Kläranlage

Containerised sewage treatment plant for the foodindustry


Sewage Treatment System for a Landfill

Installation of a small sewage treatment plant ClearFox® nature

We can meet any emission limit values required to ensure that your environmental license requirements are met. We achieve this by employing our unique variation of dissolved air flotation and other forms of advanced, yet reliable waste water treatment. Our industrial wastewater treatment plants come with an effluent quality guarantee, offering you total peace of mind.

Clearfox industrial wastewater treatment plants offer a cost effective form of waste water treatment. We guarantee the lowest operation and maintenance costs, using the most modern processes. We can design systems to be incorporated to work with an existing infrastructure, completely new systems, or we can supply mobile containerised wastewater treatment plants (plug & play) can be supplied.

Clearfox industrial wastewater treatment systems have successfully been installed for the following applications:

Dairy and cheese factories, meat processing, slaughterhouses, fish industry, wineries, breweries, food processing, oil producers and drilling companies, car washes and many more.

Clearfox offers an all round service, from design through to manufacture, installation, commissioning and ongoing maintenance.

We have an extensive list of reference projects throughout Europe and internationally. If you are looking for an industrial wastewater treatment system supplier, stop searching, you found us.

The containerised plants have the added advantage of being modular and easy to relocate or transport. The Clearfox containerised plants are becoming an increasingly popular choice for mobile sewage and wastewater treatment. Depending on your application and international location, systems are available to either buy or rent.

Water Recovery System for chain & train wash applications

industrial wastewater treatment

Modell : TBZ C –II für 250 L/min

The ClearFox® TBZ units with automatic backward-rinsing of the pre-filter is a basic device for biological high performance water reclamation by activating agitation and fine filtration with additional aerobic biology.

Contaminated water is drawn in from a storage basin, pre-filtered, thoroughly mixed with superfine air bubbles and then led back into circulation. The water is perpetually aerated, in order to aid the growth of microbes, which are able to biodegrade contaminants.

industrial wastewater treatment

Examples: Metro wash water recovery

Furthermore, detergents are additionally oxidized by air O²

The prefiltered process water is additionally cleansed of suspended particles by a cyclone process. If required, the water can be taken directly from the tank or stored in a buffer tank for a higher wash water demand.

TBZ – Water recovery for car washes

split oilandfat emulsions

TBZ variants:

CF-TBZ-10 for wastewater treatment from 1m ³ to 10m ³ per hour
CF-TBZ-20for wastewater treatment from 10m ³ to 20m ³ per hour
CF-TBZ-40for wastewater treatment from 20m ³ to 40m ³ per hour

Container systems with TBZ and bioreactor (fixed bed cascade)for higher effluent requirements (CSB < 75mg/l , BSB5 < 15mg/l)


Container system consisting of 2 containers
1. Container with TBZ for up to 10m ³ / h and control technology
2. Container fixed bed reactor


Container system consisting of 3 containers
1. Container with TBZ for up to 10m ³ / h and control technology
2.-3. Container fixed bed reactor


Container system consisting of 4 containers
1. Container with TBZ for up to 10m ³ / h and control technology
2.-4. Container fixed bed reactor

TBZ Download Information:

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Wastewater as a resource -Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Sewage water and greywater can be seen as an untapped water resource, which is readily available. Reusing water from this resource is no longer seen as an unacceptable topic, due to the advanced technology available today and the increasing shortage of fresh water.

The ClearFox® approach is to openly address this matter and to provide solutions, by offering affordable advanced wastewater treatment processes, based on the latest technological achievements in this field.

Wastewater Treatment Plant for Fish, Seafood and Marine Resource Processing Industry