Mobile Wastewater Treatment

Containerized, modular, mobile wastewater treatment systems offer a flexible solution for management of sewage from a range of applications. Mobile wastewater treatment systems can be used for both temporary and permanent wastewater treatment solutions. Containerized, decentralized sewage treatment systems can handle populations from 30 to 10,000 persons and can be designed to achieve any effluent standard required.


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Mobile wastewater treatment and containerized sewage systems can be used in a very wide range of applications. They can be used for short term, mobile wastewater treatment where portable solutions are needed. But they can also be used for long term, fixed applications.

temporare wastewater treatmentThey are specifically suited to applications such as:

Currently, mobile wastewater treatment is faced with new challenges. Increased demands on sanitary equipment and the protection of health and the environment require solutions for wastewater treatment at refugee camps and military camps as well as for construction sites, oil fields and mining camps.

Every application requires a problem-oriented, case-specific approach. Some of the sewage treatment plants have to be available in a short time, they have to be mobile and pre-assembled ready for use. They also need to be robust and easy to use.

All required effluent standards must be achieved and complied with. Depending on the local requirements, this ranges from discharge into watercourse, sea, to ground for irrigation or into the main sewer. In certain cases, drinking water production from sewage or wastewater reuse is also required.

Attention must be paid to climate conditions and spatial constraints and footprint. Our mobile wastewater treatment plant using treatment modules offers a quick and optimal solution for wastewater, sludge and water reuse.

ClearFox® Mobile Wastewater Treatment Systems were developed specifically for these special applications.

mobile wastewater treatmentThe features are:

  • Delivered and installed quickly (plug & play)
  • No infrastructure or building necessary – just a solid base to set up the containers,
  • Modular
  • Flexible for changes and extensions,
  • Mobile and compact,
  • Can be leased and reused in other locations,
  • Robust in operation and automatic operation,
  • Easy maintenance
  • Low power consumption and operating costs, which results in a small, ecological footprint,
  • Approved process technology that is easy to understand
  • Guaranteed cleaning process and compliance with local regulations
  • Completely made in Germany with guarantee


Mobile/ Portable & Modular Container Design with CSC Certificate

All components are fully installed in ISO sea containers. The ClearFox® mobile wastewater treatment systems meet all safety requirements for international freight transport. They are marked according to ISO 6346 and verifiably suitable for transport on container ships.

This is evidenced by the certificate of the International Convention for Safe Containers (CSC). This results in considerable advantages for transportation. The sea containers are 100% insurable. The largely standardized and prepared procedure enables inexpensive transport. Customs clearance is also faster, which in many cases is time-limited.

All mobile wastewater treatment plants are assembled in the PPU factory for customers. PPU is the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for these container systems. They are assembled on the basis of the standard containers using pre-made parts lists for the respective application.

mobile waste water treatment

  • Saves money on transport
  • Fast customs clearance
  • Uncomplicated sea transport
  • 100% insurable sea containers

Quick Installation and Easy Operation

For all of these reasons, the ClearFox® mobile wastewater treatment plants can be installed quickly, as is necessary for refugee camps. Depending on the cleaning requirements, different modules can be combined. This enables easy adaptation to changing framework conditions such as wastewater composition or cleaning requirements. If the camp is enlarged, the facilities can easily be expanded. Most of the time, there is a lack of qualified personnel to operate complex systems.

ClearFox® container wastewater treatment plants work fully automatically and can be operated easily after a short training. The core technology of the immersed fixed bed (FBR) used in the ClearFox® container wastewater treatment plants is superior to alternative systems such as membrane bioreactors (MBR) and fluidized bed reactors (MBBR).

ClearFox® fixed bed sewage treatment plants have been proven more robust, with lower OPEX costs. More than 200 successfully completed projects have proven this in practice.

In addition, the ClearFox® system was subjected to an external test by the notified test facility, PIA GmbH in Aachen. This is unique worldwide for container systems. The treatment performance of the plant was determined in various scenarios such as overload and underload. This enables the cleaning performance for different application conditions to be estimated in advance.

Approved by notified body PIA

The independent test led to recognition for approval by relevant international specialist institutes such as the Ministère de la Transition écologique et solidaire (France), British Standard (Great Britain), EPA (USA), Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities (Australia) , CE marking (Europe).

This is why this technology is also recommended by leading specialist organizations such as DWA as the most economical solution for decentralized operation under sensitive environmental conditions and without the availability of qualified operating personnel

temporare waste waster treatmentPPU offers a complete service as required. This includes:

  • Planning and advice
  • Delivery of the complete wastewater treatment plant
  • Final assembly on site
  • Installation
  • Introduction and training for operating personnel
  • Maintenance agreement
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Provision of demand containers (toilet containers, washroom containers, sanitary containers)
  • Dismantling the container system


The technology utilised by our ClearFox® modular container systems is based on a high rate biological treatment process. The ClearFox® FBBR cascade biological treatment is the best solution available on the market for containerised wastewater treatment solutions.

Wastewater treatment systemDifferent modules can be used together to handle and wastewater flow and to achieve any wastewater treatment standard:

  • Mechanical screening
  • Buffering and flow equalisation
  • Biological treatment with FBR
  • Clarifiers
  • Filtration
  • Disinfection
  • P elimination
  • Denitrification

When compared to other commonly used process technologies such as MBBR or MBR the advantages are many. Most importantly, with the FBR process you get longterm trouble free operation, guarantees of effluent quality, and minimal maintenance.

We produce all equipment in-house, with strict quality controls and compliance with all European standards.

Refugee camps

mobile wastewater treatment for refugee camp
temporary wastewater treatment

Refugee camps pose major challenges for mobile wastewater treatment. Influxes of refugees from crisis areas develop at short notice and are unplanned depending on the situation. In a short time, camps are created from improvised accommodations, rarely houses. There is usually no regulated discharge or treatment of wastewater. The situation is exacerbated by a lack of infrastructure. In general, the settlement takes place on undeveloped land.

The removal or treatment of feces is often only a secondary priority under extreme conditions. The use of simple latrines and toilet facilities without orderly drainage and purification of wastewater supports the development and spread of diseases and contamination of drinking water and surface water. Mobile, quickly deployable wastewater treatment plants help protect the population and prevent diseases.

In these cases, standardized, prefabricated wastewater treatment plants are required, which only need to be connected on site (plug & play). Extensive measurements and structural preparations are not possible.

ClearFox® mobile wastewater treatment systems have been developed and tested to degrade up to 100 kg COD per day and container. As the units are prefabricated and ready for delivery, this enables the sewage treatment plants to be made available within two weeks. The quality and control from factory assembly cannot be achieved on construction sites. Only a level surface is needed for installation.

Due to the modular design, in addition to cleaning of domestic wastewater, further tertiary cleaning steps can be added.  This can be, for example, disinfecting the pre-cleaned wastewater. All processes run fully automatically, the technology of the immersed fixed bed is robust against fluctuations in flow and load. Operation is straightforward and, after instruction, can also be looked after by local staff.

In the event of disasters, to protect the population, to maintain health and to prevent the spread of diseases, a sanitary infrastructure must also be built up immediately as the existing infrastructure is often impaired or destroyed. This also includes adequate cleaning of the fecal wastewater.

In such a crisis situation, mobile wastewater treatment plants are required that are available in a short time, can be assembled modularly and are easy to operate. ClearFox® container wastewater treatment plants meet all these criteria and have been successfully used in crisis areas for years.

Military camps

mobile waste water treatment

British Embassy Somalia

mobile wastewater treatment

ClearFox® container systems are completely designed as a modular solution. The customer can check the individual components and their functions in detail before delivery. All materials used are presented without hesitation and openly. It is proven that no hazardous chemicals are used to purify the waste water. All equipment is documented with data sheets. An outstanding aspect is the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). All devices used in sewage treatment plants for military purposes must follow the European EMC Directive, which the ClearFox® mobile wastewater treatment systems fulfil. Accordingly, PPU is listed as a reliable supplier by Unesco.

In particular, military facilities abroad are initially set up in small camps and then expanded if necessary after assessing the situation. In compliance with German standards, efficient wastewater treatment is required right from the start. This requires a modular solution such as that offered by PPU, which can be expanded at any time with simple means based on a mobile wastewater treatment plant. The same applies to the addition of modules for further wastewater treatment such as disinfection and removal of certain pollutants. The power supply with solar panels, which allows the ClearFox® container systems to operate almost CO2-neutral, makes a contribution to resource conservation. The ecological footprint is thus minimized.

Wastewater treatment plants for military facilities and government buildings have special requirements. For safety reasons, all parts of the system must be known and their function must be comprehensible. Funds necessary for the operation must also be disclosed and their safety must be certified. Of course, general requirements for execution quality, cleaning performance, drain quality and operational safety apply as well as for all other application purposes.

Wastewater Treatment for Worker Camps on Mining Camps

mobile wastewater treatment for worker camps
mobile waste water treatment for worker camp

Large quantities of highly contaminated wastewater are generated in oil fields and in mining. In many cases, these are stored in large storage and settling tanks. The domestic wastewater from the workers’ settlements is often also drained there. In the course of increased environmental awareness and higher requirements by the authorities, proper treatment of wastewater is increasingly required. Modularly combinable cleaning solutions such as ClearFox® mobile wastewater treatment systems are the most suitable, especially for the gradual adaptation to modern environmental standards. High execution quality is guaranteed as well as very good cleaning performance and effluent values.

Mines are often at higher altitudes. If wastewater is treated fully biologically, the supply of sufficient oxygen for growth and thus the cleaning performance of the bacteria is a prerequisite. The air pressure decreases with increasing altitude.

As a result, oxygen saturation in water also decreases. In these applications, ClearFox® mobile wastewater treatment systems are equipped with correspondingly powerful compressors in order to guarantee an adequate oxygen supply for the lower altitudes.

Oil and Gas drilling sites

waste waster treatment for oil and gas
waste water treatment for drilling rings

Staff numbers at oil and gas worker camps can fluctuate as production increases and decreases. Flows and loads of wastewater generated on these worker camps can also therefore fluctuate. In order to adhere to strict environmental compliance targets by many oil companies, sewage and wastewater from workers must now be treated.

Oil and gas work camp mobile wastewater treatment systems offer a perfect solution for temporary or mobile sewage treatment, and are particularly suitable for applications such as work camps and  drilling rigs, A mobile sewage system presents the best wastewater treatment solution in remote locations where there is no existing sewerage.

ClearFox® container systems can easily be relocated to new drilling sites or re-positioned on an existing site as the need arises. The systems are delivered to site ready for immediate use and operation is fully automatic. ClearFox® mobile wastewater treatment systems are ready made solutions, with all of the components preinstalled within ISO sea containers. They are designed to achieve any effluent target and even permit for wastewater reuse for toilet flushing or irrigation.

Construction sites

mobile wastewater treatment forconstruction site
wwt container

On construction sites, a high proportion of water is used for cooling and cleaning. An orderly sewage discharge or even cleaning is usually not available. Mobile wastewater treatment plants are therefore required and must be available at short notice. They have to be able to cope with the changing amounts of wastewater and work cost-effectively to limit the costs of the construction site.

ClearFox® container wastewater treatment systems are not only modular, they are also mobile. They can be used again at another construction site and thus offer a sustainable and inexpensive solution for wastewater treatment. It can also be made with its own power supply via solar panels. This minimizes the plant’s ecological footprint and makes it almost CO2 neutral.

If, in addition to the cleaning of black water (wastewater from kitchen, bathroom, laundry cleaning plus feces from toilets), the focus is on grey water treatment (wastewater from kitchen, bathroom, laundry cleaning without feces), this can be achieved with ClearFox® container systems without any additional effort. ClearFox® mobile wastewater treatment plants not only clean wastewater, they can even be operated with subsequent disinfection stages to ensure that the domestic water is self-sufficient.

The ClearFox® mobile wastewater treatment system treats wastewater from construction sites to such an extent that it can be routed to a nearby receiving water or can seep into the subsoil. These systems can either be leased or used for a permanent solution. 

Construction site wastewater generally contains a high concentration of solids and often toxic substances such as heavy metals. Depending on the wastewater constituents and cleaning requirements, our modules can be used to assemble a tailor-made sewage treatment plant to do justice to environmental protection.

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