ClearFox® municipal wastewater treatment process with FBBR technology

FBBR – 400 PE – Bavaria, Germany

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ClearFox containerized system

Technical Information


Municipal wastewater treatment process with FBBR technology




Bavaria, Germany


400 PE


  • Fast installation on site
  • Reliable wastewater treatment
  • Compliance with all discharge values


A small municipality in central Bavaria operates a municipal wastewater treatment plant with a rotating immersion tank. When this became defective after years of use, the operators decided to replace it. The best municipal wastewater treatment process is a fixed-bed reactor, as it is reliable, durable, and cost-efficient. For this reason, the municipality approached the ClearFox® team.


The challenge in this project was to meet the effluent values to be achieved. The municipal wastewater treatment plant aims to discharge the wastewater into a receiving water body. For this purpose, the lower water authority sets the limits for COD, BOD5, nitrogen, phosphorus and the pH value. These have become increasingly strict in recent years and will continue to be lowered in the coming years to protect the environment. To be able to reliably comply with these discharge values, the ClearFox® engineers needed the average wastewater volume, the contaminant load carried and the required discharge values.

ClearFox wastewater treatment system
ClearFox control unit


In order to be able to reliably comply with the discharge values in the future, the customer decided on a containerized ClearFox® FBBR process. This is a stand-alone process that achieves the required discharge values without an additional treatment step.

In addition to municipal wastewater treatment, ClearFox® containerised treatment plants are suitable for numerous other applications. The treatment of sanitary wastewater plays a decisive role in refugee camps as well as in natural disasters, but also on campsites or in workers’ camps. PPU has therefore developed a municipal wastewater treatment process that only requires a power connection for operation.

For this reason, the ClearFox® solution is not only inexpensive to purchase, but also to operate. The installation was limited to only a few hours on site, the microorganisms had reached their full biological purification capacity after only a few days, and maintenance work is kept to a minimum. The customer is fully satisfied with his containerized municipal wastewater treatment process.

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